Salutations everyone! My name is trinarnia.
Well here is some non-essential
stuff that you might want to know about me....

Age: 18

Hobbies: Reading, drawing (occasionally), listening to music, writing,
and being on the comp.

Type of Music: I like all kinds.
Rock, Hard Rock, Punk/Rock,
Punk/pop, Metal, Screamo,
Techno, EMO, Hip-Hop, SOME Rap, and R&B.

Books: Twilight series, Frozen Fire, Wicked series,
HawkSong, SnakeCharm, Falcondance, Wolfcry, Wyvernhail,
Demon in My View,
In the Forests of the Night,
Shattered Mirror,
Black Dagger Brotherhood series,
Evernight, The Devouring,
and TOO many others to name!!

Movies: Pirates of the Caribbean (all 3),
Sixteen Candles, Pretty in Pink, Donnie Darko,
Nightmare Before Christmas, Wanted,
Blood and Chocolate, The Breakfast Club,
Hellboy 1, & 2, The Happening,
He's Just Not That Into You,
Evolution, and many MANY more!

I like making new friends.

So go ahead, add me=]
I also like helping people with their problems.
So if you need some advice or just need to vent, I'm here!
Well I believe I've covered everything worth mentioning.
Like I said I'm easy to get along with so don't hesitate to talk to me k?

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

Current: The last time I updated this was 5 years ago sweatdrop
so its safe to say that some things have changed.
For instance, I am not 18 years old. I am 23=]
While I still like most of what's on that list above, its
become more of the things that used to make me happy.
I don't come on Gaia very much anymore. This
is the most I've been on in years, but I still come here from time to time.
Gaia was a special place for me at a time in my life when
things were hard and changing. I do still like making new friends
and I am a good listener so if you should ever feel the need to talk,
I'm here