I love:
genuine people. driving. HST. painting. My Bujie. Designing websites. college. My Bunny Wabbit. Beer. Kicking things. Designing purses. Crocheting Scarves. Doing make-up. Staying up all night. Laughing. Breathing. Cartwheels. Tanning. Working out. Fall breeze. Leaves. Shade. Chalk. Writing. Baking. Gaming. Softball. Giving to others. Drawing. Painting. Gaia. Music. Starting things over fresh. Learning. Trying new things. Critiquing food. Electric work. Carving wood. Using tools. Going above and beyond. Perfecting things. Making new friends, and cherishing/spoiling the old ones <3 Sentinel


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Trina's Escape

Welcome to Trina's Escape

My name is Trina, and this is my small escape. Here I put my thoughts, and works of art, and poetry, maybe even some writings I did.


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Report | 01/25/2012 9:06 pm


Oooo you are the Harem expert. biggrin
I like I like, I think I'll try reading all of them lol.
I think I may had seen Freezing before but didn't know what it was about. I'll totally check it out now.
They've all got my interest piqued. xD

Report | 01/25/2012 8:25 pm


Yup, if he goes lol. xD

You have any other Harems to recommend me? I just about milked dry Barajou no Kiss, Hakuouki and Sekirei.
I'm contemplating watching Uta no Prince sama next but they are all I really have in mind at this point.

Report | 01/25/2012 8:06 pm


Does he? So he'll come flying out of nowhere and bump into Delia? And make her choker disappear?

That's the best way to do it. I never completely disappear from an Rp, I always make a reappearance. i don't think a person has to know exactly what's going on to get involved.
I think sometimes it's best just to jump in anywhere well,... maybe not just show up and crash the party but you know appear in a way that is reasonable. x3

I would have interacted with your characters had I not been practically kidnapped by two girls. I need to keep up with Jun as well but because he hasn't been doing much I kind of just make him pop up every once in a while.

Report | 01/25/2012 7:37 pm


Yeah but I'm not so quick to give up on them. :3

Maybe they'll wake up, again. Never thought I'd ever go out of my way to get people posting.
I surprise myself.

Report | 01/25/2012 7:28 pm


Bo problem! biggrin

Report | 01/25/2012 7:27 pm


Heehee alrightie then. xD

How's it going? Seems we're off in our own little world in Rose Princess as well as Crimson Cross.
Everyone else has went into lazy mode once more. D=

Report | 01/25/2012 7:20 pm


Haha such drama. 4laugh
I wonder if you need something and that is why you have contacted me. ;D

Either that or you just couldn't resist commenting. x3

Report | 01/25/2012 7:10 pm


Hiya. biggrin
Head Crow

Report | 01/16/2012 4:50 pm

Head Crow

I shall play my part, then, and lead you in this adventure.
Head Crow

Report | 01/16/2012 4:07 pm

Head Crow

If I play my cards right, you'll eventually end up liking Lucian. :3 Or so I hope. In my first attempt, Alec was eventually ignored. xD


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