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-.My name..'s destiny or dezzy(:
-.Either one is fine, anything else isn..'t.
-.I dye my hair WAY more than i should.
-.My hair is NEVER just one color.
-.I love being colorful in general.
-.I LOVE going to raves
-.I love meeting all the beautiful people that are there.
-.My friends are my life.
-.Dont even try and ******** with my family.
-.I cuss more than a person my age should Lol.
-.I love being generaly loud
-.I hate preps.
-.I dont judge anyone.
-.I tend to be brutally honest.
-.I Tend to laugh at the most inapropriate times
-.If you hear a loud/ stupid noise, chances are I..'m the one who made it.
-.Im WAY to clumsy.
-.I talk almost a little to much.
-.Im shy at first, but if you get to know ME im FAR from shy.
-.Im just me<3
-.Dont Be Afraid To Talk To Me<3
-.Neon colors
-.Energy drinks
-.Hair dye
-.Bubble Baths(:
-.Long showers
-.Teased Hair
-.Rainy days
-.Thunder/ Lightning storms
-.Neon/ colorful tootoo..'s(:
-.Body hair.
-.Old perverts
-.Awkward Silences
-.Butterflies/ Moths
-.Any insect for that matter
-.Being awake in the dark alone
-.Being alone/ lonely
-.Moles [the ones that grow on your face D:]
-.Animal Abusers
-.Child Molesters
-.Hella hot days
-.Hella cold days
-.The winter
-.Crying out-bursts
-.Children [ages 2-11]
-.Dull/ un-funny people
-.Flakey People.
-.Mean people



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