I'm 15. I like anime, manga, video games, and music. I also like to watch movies. I'm a pretty varied person. My likes in anime range from Azumanga Daioh to One Piece to Hellsing. I read very few manga, mainly Anima and One Piece. Right now, my favorite games are Harvest Moon: ToT, Okami, and No More Heroes. My little sister goes on this site as Georgiakiki95. My favorite bands are Pearl Jam, Sum 41, and Disturbed. I used to be really active here on Gaia, but then I left, got hacked, and had to make this account. I'm pretty out of tune with all the new do-dads, so..... Yeah. That's about it. I'm pretty boring.


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hey how are you
rawr kathyy

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rawr kathyy

Yay i'm number one =D


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