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Tricky Kiddo

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Last Login: 08/23/2019 9:26 am

Gender: Female

Birthday: 04/10

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About Me! If You So Dare To Read!!!

| Get down with the basics ::
| ● Just call me Tricky or Kid.
| ● I am an Aries and born in the year of the cow/bull.
| ● I am a Female...fluid gender...androgynous would be better to describe me. Somedays I just feel like being a guy or no gender, you feel?
| ● Pansexual and Panromantic if you want to get technical...just YES.
| ● Kiss me, I'm legal.
| ● Currently I'm 'Sexy, free, and single. I'm ready too. Bingo (bingo)'
| ● I'm working and saving to go to college. Dream college be Kyoto Seika University School of Manga. I'm working my way there, wish me luck!

| My interests ::
| ● I listen to all types of music. Current constant favorite is K-pop right now. B.A.P is back like AHHH i died. It's been 1 year and 9 months since they been gone so let me fan flip!
| ● Drawing. I want to make it my career.
| ● Singing. This could be a different career if I choose so.
| ● Dancing. This as well. I have options i guess. CURSE MULTI TALENTS OF MINE!!!
| ● Anime sometimes you can't get me to shut up about some. Those stories are just so great! Tsubasa Amaha is my husbandu!
| ● I like to tinker. Figuring out how somethings work is fascinating.
| ● I like the out doors to an extent...people just really suck sometimes.
| ● I live in video games, so indoors, cuddling playing a game together or like watching a movie is perfectly fine with me. Yes!
| ● ROLE PLAYING!!! What other better reasons would I be here for?

| Not so fond of ::
| ● People, especially judgmental and gossipy people. It isn't your business and don't know whats going on with the persons life, so there is no reason for you to blab about it. It just...yeah stupid.
| ● mac 'n' cheese...also orange flavor anything...because they make me gag and that just isn't fun. Feeling sick is no fun.
| ● Broken plots. They just aren't complete and I just question it sort of harshly. :/
| ● My family...we all know how that is. x~x
| ● Cheaters and liars are the worst. I honestly have the hardest time lying so why try? Being honest is the best way to go!
| ● How insecure I get about myself. ; 3;
| ● Soda I just never liked the taste and I can't really burp. What happens is it will come up, but just burn my nose, because carbonation. That's no fun, and it really hurts.
| ● How hard it is to find 'over the shoulder, boulder holders' in my size that I like. These suckers are just getting bigger and binding them down is becoming more of a problem.

| Extra EXTRA ::
So if you haven't notice I ramble a lot. I'm a socially awkward person when it comes to new people, but I am a crazy friend. Sexual comments are every where either on purpose or by accident. I love excitement and new things so I'm up for anything and everything! Yahoo! I'm also a sensitive person at times so when I'm hurt I tend to clam up and go into a 'shutdown' where I stop all emotions until I can internalize and hide/forget what ever was hurting me so bad. If I get like this I'm sorry, I can't always control when I do this. I also tend to say sorry a lot for things I didn't do. Habit since I grew up with so many foster siblings and they wouldn't apologize for what they caused.
I have a lot of interest in many subjects to be honest. I'm a math geek and science nerd and puzzle are my forte. My friend says I would be a good Hufflepuff since I'm so good at finding things. I also have an amazing memory you wouldn't believe. Anything else? Um...

If you would like to talk with me about anything I'm a good listener so feel free! Also if you want to hit me up about any role plays I'm in dyer need of role plays right now! Please anybody!!!

Gasp I've been spotted by...

Much Smaller Blurb About Me

-I really enjoy gothic pastel and punk rock styles, but I wear all styles of clothes.
-My eyes are blue, my hair is strawberry blonde. (Changes from blonde in summer to red-brown in winter naturally.)
-I role play a bunch
-Must hug cute things no matter what O~O
-I'm very affectionate but shy around new people.
-Cosplaying really fun!
-Would you play video games and cuddle with me, please?
-Play any song and we will jam hard.

Stalk me some more!!!

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