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not only am i NOT taking over your gaia account
but I'm gonna leave my finger print on it all over.
why? because i love you. your my friend. we've
been friends for almost 3 years. even though you
may be a more negative route
in my opinion. i still can't forget our old conversations
when your voice was still squeaky and cute. so please.
don't give up this site, cause this is the only way
for you and me to at least communicate.

OHH btw, for all you friends of tri~! I'm dallie
that picture to your right, is of course edited!!
i am real you fagots you want proof? my user name
is THAT 0NE GlRL, you can find me on facebook too!!
so ssuuukkk you for making my triumph hurt for so long.
I'm the only one allowed to call him a fruit.

forever && ever


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