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hpanna Report | 10/19/2012 11:29 pm
Yeah, that game would be hard on a touchpad
hpanna Report | 10/19/2012 11:15 pm
I prefer healing too. The items are pretty nice this time
hpanna Report | 10/19/2012 11:10 pm
Enjoying the event?
Marpie Report | 09/10/2012 8:16 pm
Heya, I'm on facebook kiddo. Killed the myspace eons ago. Poor myspace. We had some good times.

To answer your previous question- not trying to be a teacher, just wanting to write. Glad to just keep my mind from turning to mush.
hpanna Report | 09/08/2012 4:05 pm
Thank you, tree. <3 But you don't need to give me more. Who knows, you might become active again one day.
Marpie Report | 08/08/2012 7:00 am
English, minor in creative writing. smile I'm just naturally theatrical.

Fair enough, so are you not finished with schooling yet?
Marpie Report | 08/02/2012 1:53 pm
I can understand that. I'm just starting school up again so financially it's a mental bummer. Although through my grants and such I should be covered this year without needing to take out any loans which is a huge goal for me. Debt free since.....1987. Aha. Although pretty much everything in this world requires some form of debt. Been saving up on the side for vacation next May though. Heading back to Disneyland <3 Don't judge, I may be nearly 25 but I still love Disneyland. Someday they'll hire me and I'll be the best cast member to play any of the hippier characters.....like maybe Mary Poppins. Not that Julia Andrews is hippy, but she has the hoop skirt to cover it if she had........and there goes me on my usual tangents. So what are you doing to make the career not so stressful?
Marpie Report | 07/31/2012 10:22 pm
Haha, sorry, had no idea, gaia changes around me. I'm hardly on either, just too busy. I'm good, busy, but good. Stuck at the same ol' job but I have school and nannying on the side. How's it going for you? How's your business?
Marpie Report | 07/30/2012 7:05 am
Sorry about that, when did that change? I had it on commentable...hmmm. How are you?
hpanna Report | 07/29/2012 11:42 pm
Too addicted XD
I'm good. Working on my thesis and then I'm all done. How's school going?

I'm pretty popular these days.

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CaspianRose made this chibi back when prom 09 came around but i just forgot to put it here X)