~::~ Questing for Towns//Trash//Game Items ~::~


*flowers *papers
*bugs *inks
*cans *boots


If you have any of the above items that you no longer want or need, please feel free to donate them to this account to help towards my Quest. xD

If you are questing a certain trash item and I have it in my inventory, I'll also be happy to discuss a trade of items.
Just PM me with what you're after.

[ obviously I can't list every bit of trash that people donate, but all names go here ]

one two explode <3
Eladra <3
Debb_debb <3
magebakura2 <3<3<3
Slave of Athena <3
trajik007 <3
Bittersweet Chocolate <3
pleasure_fused_with_pain <3
[`][sophistication] <3
JBness <3
nanashina <3