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Me in a very large, rambling, nutshell.

I am 18.

I would describe myself as a gamer. I am a relaxed person, I don't get worked up. I'm a bit awkward at times, especially around people whos opinions i care about.

Soon I start my second semester of college, I transferred at the semester from my community college to OSUIT, I am going into Graphic Design and looking forward to it greatly. My true goal in life is to be a Game Art and Animation major for a good gaming school, but I don't have the financial means to do that just yet and I have a scholarship for Graphic Design so I better stick at it.

I really enjoy meeting new people, and I think im an interesting person to talk to, some of my best friends have come and gone through the internet and I spend a lot of time here.

I enjoy several things in life, first off my friends and family, GAMING, food, reading, comics and manga, kissing, playing the guitar, the uncertainty of the future (weird i know) and the internet.

Things I dislike are my moms boyfriends kids, being angry, ATnT, 3 year gaps between books in a series, games that I spend 60 dollars on to play eight hours and never pick up again, when my 5 win streak gets interrupted (interrupted is a fancy word for I lost).

I live in Okmulgee Oklahoma, perhaps someone on here will read this and we can meet up, that would be most fun smile

If you read all that thank you, leave a comment and ill get back to you, or even better send me a friends request. Id love to get to know you.


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fearless black rose Report | 11/07/2010 4:35 am
Hey! happy birthday!!
BaTryFlame Report | 04/28/2010 1:05 am
BaTryFlame Report | 04/26/2010 10:26 am
Sup Negro. I thought I would start playing this while I was bored
fearless black rose Report | 12/28/2009 6:21 am
Thank you
Well,everything here is fine,I hope the same for that part of the world.
Orele Reborn Report | 11/18/2009 11:04 pm
fearless black rose Report | 06/19/2009 12:05 am
I think otherwise.
fearless black rose Report | 06/14/2009 10:33 am
aww......I hope things turn out well.
to think of it,that was really way back lol time passes slowly here.
fearless black rose Report | 06/14/2009 10:02 am
best of luck for whichever language you choose.*pats back*
anyway,you got that kiss you wished for? cool
fearless black rose Report | 06/14/2009 9:51 am
that's so sweet!!! thanx smile
so,decided which language you gonna learn?
fearless black rose Report | 06/14/2009 9:47 am
it's a good change.

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