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i`m only a highschool student, but i`m ready to go off and start a new life. i plan on going to college for chemistry, and then moving into a house-apartment with the love of my life: jordan matthew. followed by a great job and a couple kids, etc. guess you could say i`ve got it all planned out. and even if majority of that doesn`t work out, it doesn`t really matter, because i`ll still be happy with jordan all the same.

so, now onto gaia-type-things. i`ve been on gaia for years now, right around the beginning of its creation; even though this account wasn`t the one i registered at first. and in order to find out what my username means, go onto google.com, translate, detect language and put it in. i`m tired of telling people what that means. and what my signature means. jordan yw fy mywyd. again, just look it up.

if you want to get in touch with me, check some of the guilds: gors, ily, or perhaps do that little mygaia thing and find what forum i`m in roleplaying-testing-etc. that`s what i do a lot. and talk to some of the best people on my friends list of course. hopefully if you find me, and we start to talk, we`ll find something in common, cause there`s a lot i like, and not as much that i don`t. you`ll just have to find that out for yourself.

guess that`s really all for now, isn`t it? see ya around. -- tragwyddol cariad.

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