blog also does not support or stand for any hate at all. if you send it i will block you end of argument. 26 years of age. female .pagan religion. mun suffers from both anxiety and depression. will not state sexuality or relationship status so don't ask plz. role player of all forms except smutt. canon, crossover, oc, doubles rp friendly. ocXcanon and ocXoc ship friendly. rp-er of canon and oc. i have 30 some ocs several for the same series so ask if you want me to rp with a specific oc. willing to role play any canon character from any series i know about. just state the series and character you want and we can get started. will have oc information in my journal for those interested. be warned i love to plot out side of rps so if you ask for an rp makes sure you send a friend request as well. rps will probably happen in the forums while plot lining ooc talk will be in the gaia private chat message. while i prefer 1X1 role plays i am willing to try group roleplays and may or may not open some of my own 1X1 rps to be group instead i will ask my partner first of course to have their consent on it as well.

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this is where ill post bio sheets ad links to art references for my ocs. ocs are available to role play with. if wanting to ship with an oc see specific oc here to see weather they are available or not plz


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