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My clothes? My sister made them for me.

Dear Diary...

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C'est Moi!

Dude, I can't promise I'll update this journal religiously. Actually, I hate writing journals, but I figured a journal might be a good way for me to address questions or whatnot from all of you (my friends I mean) so uh...feel free to PM me or commen

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Here's...what I've been doing lately....

Currently: Ivan Macomb-Zheng, the telekinetic quarter-demon, and his undead-mouse, Peepers.
Evening falls outside the mine. Ivan and Peepers say goodnight to the demons and animals who reside with them and turn in for the evening. Ivan has no idea what is about to happen tonight, or how much his life is about to change.


Please allow me to introduce myself.

Hi there!

My name is Ivan Macomb-Zheng. I am one quarter Chinese, one quarter Spanish, one eighth French, one eighth Russian, and one quarter demon, on my Grandfather's side. I am twenty-one years old, a college graduate with multiple degrees, mostly in science and criminal justice, and um...a telekinetic. I make things float with my mind. It only ever happens when I'm extremely emotional. I've gotten better at controlling it lately. I'm proud to say I haven't accidentally broken anything in months.

I like to read, and I enjoy baking (my father owned two bakeries in Central City, and he taught me everything I know about baking), and teaching my undead pet mouse, Peepers, how to do cool tricks. She's very smart. I also enjoy visiting my friends, especially my mentor, Russell Peters.

I used to live in an institute founded by two doctors, one a parapsychologist, the other a physicist, in the 1970s. It is located outside of a fairly large, pretty diverse city called Central City, where I grew up with my parents and my twin sister, Noelle, until I was fifteen.

However, I am currently living with Denti the demon, his mate Disma, and their other housemates. A couple years ago, my roommate from the Institute, Zeke, and I moved in with Denti to get away from some trouble in Central. That's been resolved now though, thanks to a group of wonderful people I am honored to call friends. Zeke moved back to the Institute when it reopened this year, and my sister, who joined us part way through the year, returned to her design school in Central.

My uh...parents didn't invite me home after Central recovered from its troubles. I was kind of hoping they would, to be honest. It's alright though. Denti has been kind enough to allow me to continue living with him.

Actually, I think that not being invited home is a blessing in disguise. I recently found out that I'll be moving to Hell, permanently, some time in the future. I think it's probably best that I try to enjoy my remaining time topside while I can, and I can think of nowhere else I'd rather spend it than with my friends.

So...anyways...I guess that's all there really is to know about me. If you have any question, please feel free to ask. See you around!


I'm always up for a chat!

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Johannes Cabal Report | 10/25/2015 12:03 pm
Johannes Cabal
Cabal held up his hands, covered in dirt and corpse ichor. "I'm sure the sweets are fine. I'd rather not move edibles from hand to mouth though. And no, I've not seen him. He's not a holiday that haunts my part of the world. Maybe a bit farther up north."

The necromancer snorted in annoyance. "No, that's ridiculous. Corpses have no need for tea and it'd be a waste of leaves. They don't have need for nourishment. Unless you're going with Central American or East Asian spirits and that's something I haven't studied in depth in a few years and..." Cabal trailed off, wondering to himself if certain spirits just sat twiddling their thumbs on All Souls Day and Bon festival while other nationalities feasted with still-living family.
"Hmn. Wait, skeleton? No, he should still be in the spare bedroom an- We're not talking about the same skeleton, are we?"

Johannes Cabal Report | 10/23/2015 7:49 pm
Johannes Cabal
Cabal's lip curled in defeated disgust at the puns.
"If it's all the same, I'd rather have a quiet Christmas with a nicely aged bottle and Horst can do whatever he pleases to the house."
He shook his head at the offer of sweets. "No, thank you. I'm rather unsanitary at the moment and I don't want to deal with a bout of sickness I had again."
Johannes Cabal Report | 10/21/2015 5:23 pm
Johannes Cabal
"Considering I don't remember a good portion of it and there were no repercussions other than a depleted liquor stock, I'd say yes, yes I did," Cabal said. "And the requisite family reunion mention. It's been... eventful," he said, kicking the bag at his feet as it shuffled slightly. "Adjusting to not living on my own has been-"

He frowned in consternation before shrugging. "Well, it's not entirely unpleasant."
Johannes Cabal Report | 10/20/2015 4:52 pm
Johannes Cabal
Cabal grimaced, not appreciating the pun in the least.
"Oh god, I think remember you," he said, wiping a smear of dirt across the bridge of his nose as he pinched it.
"You, you're one of those Christmas ghosts. You're a bit early, aren't you? I thought your kind would protest the holiday encroaching in the autumn."
Barefoot Necromancer Report | 10/19/2015 2:26 pm
Barefoot Necromancer
"Er, thanks?"
Garden of Weeds Report | 10/04/2015 7:03 pm
Garden of Weeds
-Laughs brightly, rubbing his wing and blushing- Aww thanks, Ivan! Heheh, and Xeno will always be happy to build Ivan a fort whenever he wants! Maybe someday i'll teach you my fort building secrets so you can build them even if we are apart! Then you can fort anytime you want. -Nods and grins, dropping onto his hands and knees and crawling into the little fort opening, settling down next to Ivan and peepers- Oh man! It looks great in here! Good thinking moving that one chair, Ivan. It really opened it up in here. <33 -Bites his lip for a moment, seemingly conflicted by something- ... something is missing though... Hmm... -carefully tugs on some excess curtain hanging down next to Ivan, gently folding it over and over until it makes a small circular pile on the floor- ...... yeahhh.. yeahhh that looks good. -Sits on his makeshift "nest", chuckling- Mannn, I don't know why this is so comfy but it isss. Do you want Xeno to build you a circle seat, Ivan?

-Grins brightly at the smaller demon- Well, we can do anything we want to in a fort! We can talk about stuff or tell stories or pretend that we're pirates and throw snacks at anyone who tries to breach the hull of our fort ship. Oh! Or we could tell scary stories! Not too scary though, we don't want to spook Peepers. -Nods and smiles- I think I have a flashlight in my bag it will add to the spoopy factor. What do you want to do? This is your first fort-ing and it should be a special one!

Hehehe!! -Giggles, finding Ivan's impression of Noelle extremely amusing- Oh mannn, she really does see me as a fashion rival? I thought she was just joking when she said that! -Smiles and blushes heavily- She really said all that? About Xeno? Man.. I always thought she was the best at design... like, how does she do it? Noelle can just sit down and think of anything and put it on paper and it looks really really incredible. I always was kind of jealous of.. ungh Ivan, what's that big word for super neat thinking?? -Thinks- .... Irrigation? No wait.. imagination!! Her imagination.. -waves his hands around- she is so good at that.. imagining all these colors and designs. It would be so neat if we could work together on something someday. <333

-Eyes widen, his wings poofing out in excitement- AHHH but yeah, omg no Ivan yes. We should all go up to the surface one day! That is an awesome idea! -Rubs his hands in excitement- something with food or maybe the beach! Man.. that would be so fun.. like a BBQ on the beach or camping or something. Xeno still has that old camera and a big scrapbook to fill. We should do it Ivan. -Nods-

-Listens intently to Ivan as he talks about Russ and the events that led him to admire the man as a friend and mentor, scooting a bit closer to his friend and gently laying a comforting hand on his shoulder- ...Xeno still cant believe that you were just.. sent away from your home in the first place. Why? You have never been mean or a bad Ivan.. -frowns sadly- ... they were bad parents. Bad family. -Smiles and pulls Ivan into a hug- Russell sounds like more than just a great guy, but a great friend. I'm so glad you have someone like him, Ivan. Everybody needs someone to look up to, someone they can count on to say "Hey, you're not bad or broken, but special and I like you." .. -rests his chin on Ivan's head- ... that makes me so happy.. that he did so much to help you feel better when you needed someone. If I ever see Russell, i'm going to give him a big hug and thank him a lot for helping Ivan to feel good about himself.

-Sighs heavily, completely content at spending time with his best bud in an awesome curtain fort- Russell guy has been here to visit Denti a few times.. but Xeno has always been away. -Pouts slightly and mumbles - I always miss cool stuff...
Garden of Weeds Report | 09/28/2015 12:21 am
Garden of Weeds
-Looks down at Ivan, his expression one of disbelief- Whhhattt? Oh man. We gotta fix that! I mean, I understand not wanting to make a mess for your dads and stuff but still... everyone needs to blanket fort at least once! Xeno will make sure we build a good one! -Smiles brightly and walks over to the window, gently tugging on the fabric of the curtain- Aww, Ivan don't worry! I'm pretty sure they don't mind at all I mean have you ever seen the curtains stay up for more than a couple days in this house? Bogey tries to fight them when he's drunk and Noodles chews on them all day when we're gone. I think us just using them to make a fort will definitely be ok! -Laughs boyishly, motioning for Ivan to come over- Come on!~ Xeno will show you how!

-Works on putting the little chairs together, moving some of the heavier ones and thinking a bit on Ivan's words- I really hope Noelle is having a lot of fun at her school.. she really, really has an awesome talent for fashion! Denti said she had really "unique taste" in modern wear.. I think he's hoping she will come back one day to the shop and show off all the new things she's learned. -Grins widely- If she does, I hope she brings Zeke too! If what you say does happen and he ends up being an.. an "inductor" then he's gonna need a vacation sometimes, right? Heheh. I'm glad though. I'm glad that things are better up there now.. and no more bad things happening to people like you and me. I want to start going on surface adventures again real soon!

-Pauses, looking over the assembly of chairs, pleased with the arrangement- Hmm.. hehe Russell guy is kind of like the marshmallow cream that holds rice crispies together. That must be a really tough job.. -Blinks at the sound of Ivan purring, giggling softly- Haha, I'f Xeno ever happens to run into him I will make sure to say you sent me to protect me from grumpy-ness. You really admire him a lot, huh? -Smiles gently- I bet he is really great.. if Ivan loves him that much. <33

-Kneels down next to Ivan, inspecting the now completed fort- Ahh good! It's done! We can get in now, but now before we stock up! Fort-ing is serious business! -Nods- We need to make sure we have everything we need to go inside! -rummages in his pockets- Snacks, check! Peepers.. -looks over Ivan for the tiny mouse-.. check! I think we're ready! -Laughs and holds the "door" open for Ivan- After you, tiny brother! Let's have a lot of fun, ok? <33
Garden of Weeds Report | 09/21/2015 2:09 am
Garden of Weeds
-Ears perk up, mouth full of raw potato- Really?! Well, ah ahem I mean of course I'm am an expert haha! I know a bunch of stuff. -Grins- but I doubt i'm as smart as Ivan or even Noelle. I bet her school is fun. It's where all the people with powers and stuff go, right? That's not like a boring place at all. Did Zeke go back to school too?

-Closes eyes and listens to Ivan's purring, the gentle vibrations making his headwings shake slightly- Wow.. Mediator Cammie sounds like a really important lady.. all that responsibility to make sure the future and stuff is how it is supposed to be. I wonder if she ever gets nervous.. and does she know the future for everybody and how their own is supposed to be? -Ponders on Ivan's statement for a moment before shaking his head- hahaha that is too much thinking. My brain feels funny. I guess some things are just better left a mystery huh? <33

-Nods rapidly in agreement, holding on to Ivan and gently rocking back and forth- He is really nice, I agree. Xeno has only met him a few times but he always talks and he gave me some candy once. Denti really likes him too, I think he said he was his "first and dearest human friend" or something. -thinks for a moment- .. We can talk to him about anything? At all? No conditions or anything? I'm uh.. just wondering, haha.. -smiles- heh.

-Blinks, looking down at Ivan- You.. you've never built a blanket fort? Heck yes, let's do it haha! -Wraps his arms around Ivan, standing up off the ground and gently hauling the tiny demon to his feet- It's really easy! We can use these curtains and some of those chairs and a flashlight! Oh man, Ivan this is going to be so much fun haha! -Grins widely, excited- what are we gonna name it? <3
Garden of Weeds Report | 09/21/2015 1:11 am
Garden of Weeds
-Giggles as his cheeks are patted, playfully sticking out his tongue- You are the most responsible big brother haha. Noelle is really lucky! With you looking out for her, she'll always be happy and never get into any trouble. I bet that makes her feel nice too, and safe. -Nods- I hope she is having fun in school.. I guess she is working hard. Blegh school looks so boring though. -Grins and reaches for his bag of chips and goodies- Ok, snack time!~ Xeno has Cheesy cracker bites, BBQ and plain chips, granola bars, jerky, trail mix, a link of sausages and three potatoes. -Opens his bag and sits it next to Ivan, reaching in for a potato- help yourself, tiny brother! Lots of snacks in here!

-Bites into his raw potato, still contently hugging Ivan with one arm- Mmmm.. that makes more sense though.. about Russell's granddaughter. I guess it would be pretty neat to travel back and forth through time to meet your ancestors and stuff! I heard Disma talking about "Mediators" once.. he said they were very important for the balance of all creatures and worlds. -thinks- .. that Russell guy does have kind of a draw to him.. I can't really explain it but it's neat.

-Yawns and reaches into his pocket, pulling out a handful of coffee beans and plopping them into his mouth- So, Ivan~ what are your plans for the day? Are you going to do cool little kid stuff? -Gasps slightly-.... if you're going to build a blanket fort, I totally want in on that.
Garden of Weeds Report | 09/21/2015 12:01 am
Garden of Weeds
-Listening intently to Ivan- Oh wow.. man, I hope Time Faerie gets better soon. It's no fun being sick. Plus being sick and having accidents where time is distorted is like a double bummer. I never thought faeries would be partners with anyone though haha, the ones i've met have always been kind of grumpy and loners except for a few pixies that were super obsessed with pastries. -Tilts head- .. I didnt know Russell guy had a granddaughter though. He must be really old. -Nods-

-Giggles and lightly tickles Ivan's short legs- that is small though, haha! But it's ok because you are only this way for a while and will be tall again soon. You're like.. fun sized Ivan now. Like the candy bars! -Leans back slightly, stretching out his long legs and letting the smaller demon relax against his chest- ... hehe, yep! I like Peepers too. She's the smartest mouse in the house! I wish she could talk though. She could teach Bogey's mouse not to bite ears.

Mmmmm -smiles widely- aww that makes me happy, Ivan. We can hang out all day too! Xeno has nowhere to be! Well, nowhere important anyway haha. I've never been to school, but I bet it does get aggravating when people bother you when your brain is trying to do learning stuff. -Wrinkles nose- hehe you're right though! You are a good brother, Ivan. You always have been. You look out for Noelle even when she throws pillows at you.. and you look out for Xeno too. You are the best. <3 -Snuggles the smaller demon tight- ... Do you and peepers want some snacks?

Hello! Nice of you to drop by!