hey howdy hey people diz iz leelee or toystory4ever.i love to hang out with my friends and listen to music. thats all i gotta say bout that. o and have used a gun before so don't mess around with me. heart

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yo yo yo diz be kaykay or KuppyKake456! this be my homegrrlz page googleplop12! letz get to know me a lil betta. k well i blow my candlez on july 28. i go to skool at nimitz. wouldnt u just love to know my age! i know. well anyway google has been my bestie since fifth grade. we visit each other on our spare time.shes a really good friend and u can alwayz count on her! o and visit my page ill donate stuff but random thingz! idk itz just something to do but here are five facts bout leelee!
1. she playz piano!
2.she can play da drumz(inside joke heehee)
3.shez smartickle
4.she has long hair idk random
5.she loves her dog ruger!!!

kk i be leavin now but this aint the last ov me! <333


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.//___// don't mess with me