𝓗ello and 𝓦elcome! ⊱

𝓢ome info about me for anyone who is curious. You are welcome to refer to me as Toxic or even TC, whichever you prefer. I'm twenty-nine years old. Single, no kids, unless you count the four-legged variety and have loved to read and write for as long as I can remember. I've been on Gaia for honestly a century it feels like and have thoroughly enjoyed it! I love writing with new people and making new friends.

𝓜e and 𝓡oleplays

Things I Love:

ღ Fantasy/Romance/Adventure/Humor

ღVampires/Demons/Magic/Past Life/Supernatural

ღ Mix of Characters and Personalities

Things I Avoid:

☠ School/Zombie/End of The World/Gangs/Space

☠ Real Life Face-Claims (Sorry, I just can't)

☠ Super Serious Roleplays

𝓜y literacy level would probably be semi-literate. I can usually dish out 3-4 decent paragraphs for a post. I do occasionally make grammar and spelling mistakes, I'm not perfect, but do my best to avoid or correct them. All male roleplays or mixed gender roleplays are both fine with me. I also have no problem playing pretty much any sexuality. I mostly play male characters, but do play female characters once in a blue moon, if I really like the roleplay concept.

That's all I can really think of for now..Perhaps I'll add more later. Until than! ~Bows and excuses herself~