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Chronic Curse Report | 07/06/2008 4:32 pm
Chronic Curse
Hey! thanks so much for the gold! I got what I wanted! >.< Send me a friend request. smile
appregi Report | 04/22/2008 1:46 pm
appregi Report | 04/21/2008 5:50 pm
SO are you?

iXan iPraise Report | 04/19/2008 3:20 pm
iXan iPraise
;B Orly?
iXan iPraise Report | 04/19/2008 12:09 am
iXan iPraise
;3 Promise it will ALWAYS be in yer undayz?
iXan iPraise Report | 04/18/2008 11:42 pm
iXan iPraise
Yer cow.
*hugs and licks eyeball*
Just one more dance? D:
iXan iPraise Report | 04/18/2008 11:40 pm
iXan iPraise
*Dies inside*
I'm falling inside the black, slipping through the cracks. D:
iXan iPraise Report | 04/18/2008 11:35 pm
iXan iPraise
Three way, please? ;^;
*sad moosey eyes*
iXan iPraise Report | 04/18/2008 11:30 pm
iXan iPraise
Protection is key :B
Safe riding. Do it.
iXan iPraise Report | 04/18/2008 11:22 pm
iXan iPraise
Want to ride me? ;O

Cow Master Rules You wif an iron fist!

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This be me :]
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My babyboy:
(hes so stylish)
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wow a survey =O

What is your name?: My name is Stephie :] nice to meet you mister survey

What is your age?: 17 o.o

Single, Married, Hooking up?: Single...
Favorite Food?: Marshmellow men dipped in ice cream! =D

Dream Date?: o_o um.....i think....laying on really soft grass staring at clouds =D and maybe itll rain then poof! a rainbow that leads to a pot of skittles :]

What our your top 3 favorite THINGS?: my teddy bear, my fuzzy wuzzy slippers, and music ^-^

What food would you rather starve then eat?: a cake without icing D<

If you could have any job what would it be?: asking does that make you feel....or selling crayon art :]

Do you like animals?: only an evil person doesnt like animals D<

Which are your favorites?: cats, dogs, cows, bunnies, mice............etc.

You win the lottery- what are the first 3 things you buy yourself?: a ferrett, a comfy bed, and a rainbow colored pool =D

Would you ever get a Brazilian Wax?: what? o.O i dont understand the question :/

When did you feel like you "made it": wait...whats that supposed to mean? o.O

Do you like your job?: i dont have a job :] ima lazy bum whoo hoo!

more important: nice television set or nice furniture?: nice
furniture :] soft and fluffy is bestest

more important: money or looks?: looks =O

more important: good face or good body?: good face :]

would you rather die alone or die married to someone you never really loved: die alone

would you rather read a magazine or a book?: magazine unless its a picture book =D

what do you wish someone would do for you?: i dont know o_o

Would you rather date a model or an artist?: artist...models are gross sticks D<

Hot or Cold?: cold

What do you think about UGGS?: they are rediculously ugly and high priced

Would you really rather go naked then wear fur?: woot! *runs nakey*

What is something you always wanted to know, but never knew who to ask?: how to make snow o.o

Do you think accents are hot?: never really thought about it o-o
Did you hear about the girl who lost her legs on a roller coaster?: omg! sceery! =O

What would you do if that had been you?: i think id be in a wheelchair?

Would you rather be deaf or blind?: deaf

Would you rather be the cause of a car accident or be the one who got hit?: i dont wanna die D:

would you rather be the beauty or the geek?: geek :B

Are diamonds really a girls best friend?: my best friend isnt a diamond....atleast i hope not....omg what if i been talking to a diamond this whole time! =O

What is a deal breaker on a first date?: ugly teef and expecting me to start a conversation every 2 minutes

Would you tell someone if they stunk?: yes o_o

Vaction spot: Beach or Ski resort?: beach...i dont know how to ski

Who pays for the first date?: both

Do you kiss on the first date?: depends...

do you prefer: heels or flats?: flats

How do you break up with someone?: um....tell them its over...

Does your family embarass you?: nope :3

Do you embarass yourself?: well sometimes i can be clumsy

How many mirrors do you have in your home?: 3...i think

Do you like anyone right now?: Yes....

What intimadates you?: zombie ninja babies

Do you actually like diet pop?: yes :]

Do you have a small bladder?: sometimes

What is the most embarrassing thing you have ever done?: i once wore this skirt....and it got caught on a chair and it ripped =_=

Have you ever had a secret admirer?: i dont really know....maybe?

When did you feel the most special in your life?: i feel special all the time :]

What moment do you think is going to be a great one in your life?: that one thing i dreamt about....its a secret :]

What moment do you wish you could relive again and again in your life?: theres alot of those moments

What do you do alone you would never do in front of someone?: thats complicated D:

Do you REALLY care what people think about you?: sometimes...

Are you okay with who you turned out to be?: yes =D

Have you ever felt so much pain you thought you were going to faint?: yep

When was the last time your heart hurt?: yesterday o_o

What kind of car do you drive?: i dont probally be the cause of someones death if i did O_O

What is something that is bad but feels so good?: scratching itches

What makes a person unattractive?: ugly teef, oily hair, acne, ginormous man boobehs, bad breaf, stinky odors, or being boring.

How many times do you say "I will start tomorrow": everyday x3

Why are you happy?: flying ninja squirrel cow saved the day!

Why are you sad?: i eated all my cookies D:

How do you feel about fire drills?: Owee! mah ears! panic! panic! D:

Do your socks usually match?: i guess so *looks at mah toe socks*

Would you date your best friend?: um...i dont wanna answer this one...moving on

Whats your favorite weather like?: cloudy but still an itty bitty bit of sunshine :] with a nice breeze

What do you want to do as a future career?: conquer the world =D

If you were pregnant right now what would you do? Who would be the father?: is that a trick question?

Would you rather bake or cook a meal?: cookies!

Whats going to be the first song at your wedding?: im never getting married ._.

Whats something only you think is cute/funny?: bumble bees :3 theyre adorable

What do you find attractive in the opp sex?: hair =D

Do you ever compare yourself to members of the same sex?: no

Would you rather have a few friends over & order in a pizza or go out?: that first one

If you could change any situation in your life what would it be? job, house: confusion...i will say nothing more

Do you listen to music while you work/study?: yes

Whats your favorite thing to do in your spare time?: stare at the ceiling

What super power do you want most of all?: super duper bug squashing

Would your rather drown to death or burn to death?: drown

What song describes your typical mood? Or your current mood?: right now im hyper and bored o_o

If you found out today your best friend was gay what would you do?: support?

Describe the perfect kiss or date.: in the rain

If you could get a pet for free today-what kind/what name?: a kitty!

Does true love wait?: yes :]

Whats a huge turn off?: stinkyness

Whats the most gruesome way you could come up with to kill someone?: set free the zombie ninja babies on them

Omg! zombies are attacking. where do you go, who do you find, whatta ya do?: fly away. weeee. now i can watch =D

Do you flip your pillow over to lay on the cool/cold side?: feck yes >D

Stop playing with yourself! What are you going to do now?: aaw man D: i have nothing to do now....*sulks in a corner*



OMG look a song! :D


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