What's Up?

I'll give you a little info on myself
My Name Is Caitlyn.
I am Married.
I am Straight.
I Don't fit into the typical norm.
I am my own self.
I'm A girl, I laugh, I cry, I am me, so don't try to change me.
I feel responsible even for somebody else`s mistakes.
I am mean and it hurts those around me.
I am not like every other person you meet.

I have problems with falling asleep when it`s a full moon.

I like manga and anime Especially Naruto it makes me smile every single time smile

I like drawing pictures but usually, they are not as good as I intended them to be...

Music speaks what cannot be expressed, soothes the mind and gives it rest, heals the heart and makes it whole, flows from heaven to the soul.

I love roses – they are such a beautiful flower – I love almost all flowers but this one is the best.

I like helping people and put myself in last place very often…

I’ve been known to take risks and/or be the last one to say something or make the last move. I sometimes hold back when I have something to say or have the need to accomplish something

I have a huge trusting issue with people.

I love animals. Especially the Snow Leopard

I’m easily inspired by people around me. I’m fascinated by other people and tend to stare at the ones I admire. I admire creativity, talent, confidence, organization, personal style…all of these things. I guess I myself would like to become a person who can inspire people in different ways.

I am me...