I'm Toast.

16 l Single l Wisconsin l Sophomore

I'm very sweet& i have a big heart.
I'm a gal that's very creative, and open minded
i forgive people wayyy to much.
i want to get my septum pierced.
i'm a freaking party animal, so hit me up.
f*ck boys, they got no ballss! :]]
i say the word, Fggt, to much.
i'm happy with the life i have.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are the shiiit.
if you decided to be a jackass i will block you :3
best friends are: Thomas Borges,& Autumn Pillath

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foxy momma <3's spice daddy. :'D different states, new places, exploring, adventures, loud music, mosh pits, hardcore dancing, piercings, being barefoot, outdoors, windows, grass, love, tickle fights, cuddling, baby kisses, hearts, fun people, shotgun, tradewind, 500 days of summer, all about steve, sleeping, beanies, gauges, going to shows, music, mountain dew, pink lemonade, skittles, M&M's, yellow, light pink, turquoise, gray, violet, white, having things on my mind, day dreaming, walking around at night, late phone calls.