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my dA!

Helllooo thar. C:
You can call me toxxi. <3

✖ I'm boring ✖ I'm funny ✖ I'm modest... not really. ✖ I don't bite (much) ✖ I like to try and make the best of everything ✖ I like to draw ✖ I like the colors of the rainbow world ✖ Labels are for soup cans. =) ✖ I don't wear make-up FTW! > biggrin ✖ I'm a bit different than you ✖ I don't wear skinny jeans ✖ I love colorful things ✖ and sparkly things ✖ I wish I was a happy-go-lucky ✖ REVOLUUUTTION. oAo ✖ I TRY to be creative. -shot- ✖ I'm an anime geek. ✖ I love you

.:~Me IRL~:.

Age : 13
Hair : Blonde
Eyes : Blue
Blood : B-
Birthday : July 1st
Height : 5'
Country : US
Occupation : drawer, the monster under your bed.
Orientation : Straight
my dA!
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