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I am Mandii I am TAKENBy the most wonderfull guy ever BladeI'm not liked by many people.I am a SlotWhore. I have Brown Haiirr&& also have blonde bangs. I love Snowboarding. I Roll in Shopping cart's I am notPretty!!! I dont like too talk much. I am NOTemoo, how ever i do like guy emo's. Cause they have the radist hair && Taste Of Music. I have alot of B e s tfriend's. && They all love me to freakin death!! I am a Teenager And if you knew me well, you'd know just how old i am. So dont ask!If your a creeper you shouldnt be reading this! So leave! I love Music. Metal And HipHop are the bestest of the b e s t I also Dislike alot of people, Let's just Hope You'r just not one of them.


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Me&& Amber Before MTV D a n c e.

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Rawr! Im going too eat you.
But i cant cause i
L o v eYeww

Party hardy,
Drink Bacardi,
roll a fatty,
Beer is good,
sex is GREAT.
Your my b***h for 2008!

Peace && Comment.

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Dinolene Report | 08/09/2009 9:07 am
Hey gurlll Heyyyyy!!!!!!!! You still use this account? O: Hopefully if youuu dooooo message me on here. It's xDarkestxDesirex KTHX biggrin
D0P3-CHIKX Report | 09/27/2008 3:58 pm
buy from my store!!! u can see things thts half price off everything!!! lusty scoundrel only for 1800 gold! BUY BUY BUY!!! ITS HOT HOT HOT!!
Nick161 Report | 04/16/2008 12:52 pm
Try this it really works! Send it to..

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then press ctrl +w!

when the window is closed , login again your account and check your gold
x-AutumnMilrose-x Report | 03/29/2008 6:49 pm
By the way.

I just changed my name x3

Im still Haruko. ;D

Im just telling everyone that. :]
Toxic Love Effect Report | 03/23/2008 5:06 pm
Toxic Love Effect
R@Wr >.< RaWr RAWR rawr
`Ramune Report | 03/16/2008 4:09 pm
Amazing avatar. <3

Xxjoey_zachxX Report | 02/24/2008 6:08 pm
hey random comment ^.^
-Cupids Best Friend- Report | 02/22/2008 7:05 pm
-Cupids Best Friend-

Bored Thats What Made You Comment Everyone And I Thought I Was Specail That You Commented Me



-Cupids Best Friend- Report | 02/22/2008 3:06 pm
-Cupids Best Friend-

Back Whats You Old Name Again.?
Toxic Love Effect Report | 02/14/2008 8:12 pm
Toxic Love Effect
-random-ness- ankle hurts O.o

lol XD

I hate valentines day too.....

the WORST day ever