Hello. It is I, tiddles, and this is the last time you'll see me using capital letters at the beginning of sentences...

"mmmkay, who's this guy 'tiddles'?" is surely the question you're asking yourself. well i'm still male, 22, live in southampton, englandland. yesyes. 3nodding if you're from southampton, you deserve flowers. go and buy yourself some as a reward.

i like most kinds of music. especially country, rawk and cheesy crap from the 80s. i also have a particular weakness for 90s britpop. shut it.

any music with a dark sinister message behind it is likely to be on my music player, permanently on repeat. aside from that, currently listening to reggae. gotta love jamaican accents... *rolls eyeballs into sockets*

i hate capital letters. it's not that i'm too lazy to hit the shift key when i'm typing, i just that i utterly despise capital letters and everything they represent. apparently i'm irrational. heart

hmmm... running out of stuff to talk about. my myspace profile would tell you more, but you'll be lucky to get a glimpse at it.

so instead, i shall distract you with joyous pictures. i know it's difficult, but i beg you, ladies, please restrain yourselves...
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User Image

still to come... pictures of me in hats! xD

ok, here's one. more to come later.

exploding p***s hat ftw talk2hand :

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this profile was created by "I_Focus_On_The_Pain". thankies muchly!

important people:

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go visit I_Focus_On_The_Pain. (HINT: try clicking on that there avi pic above) love her, because she loves me. xd she strokes me, lets me snuggle up top her, and lets me out twice a day to do my business in the garden. seriously though, she's my bestest friend on all of the internets.

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she be my journal buddy. 3nodding being as nosey as me, she's usually the first only person to comment in my journal.

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yummy gaian. heart
she made this for me:

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in the words of bob marley:
"i'm gonna give you some good, good lovin'"

inspiring words.

smexy_dark_kitten, Gemma, twilight_snowflake, Vymes, Diablobasher
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real life friends. (i has them. 3nodding ) together, we are dannescourt. nothing i can say will ever begin to convey just how awesome we are. when three or more of us convene at the same location at any one time, the displacement of awesome is sufficient to destroy the careers of every rock star within a 500 mile radius, and make at least 7 volcanoes extinct. remember the asian tsunami? that was caused by dannescourt being on a dancefloor in southern england when the DJ foolishly put on "jump around" by house of pain. henry winkler was once spat on by dannescourt, and so went on to become arthur "fonzie" fonzarelli. and yes, the phenomenon that you call chuck norris is nothing more than the shimmering reflection of dannescourt bouncing off the planet venus. don't even get me started on how weak and powerless your god(s) is/are in the face of a united dannescourt.

engelbert humperdinck
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famous singer. man with a moustache.

yulia tymoshenko
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ukrainian prime minister. billionaire milf. she's MINE. :X

my seemingly endless quest for royal crown red continues. donations loved.
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(40 000/330 000 tickets)

generous donators, possibly to the crown quest!!!

twilight_snowlake - 200 tickets! xd ( :squishes: yeah! we birthday twins am teh roxzorz! 4laugh )

Ceilia_Rose - 2.5k gold, plus some tickets!!! (thank you muchly xd heart xd )

heart I_Focus_On_The_pain - teh super cute dragon! ( heart thankyou, it really cheered me up! xd ) heart

Sundey - 350 tickets! (thank you! heart xd heart )

Thaolin - 1280 tickets & 1000 gold! (thanks man, you rock! xd )

ishirai - 200 tokens! (you're awesome! thankyou! heart )

Naklov - 589 tickets! (thankyou! xd you're proof that alexi laiho fans rawk! heart )

tinymoonbeam - 3232 tickets! ( heart you am teh smex! thankyou! heart )

meex18 - 500 tickets! (roar!!! you am teh win! *luffs* heart )

General Disease - gas mask (i'll think of you, come the revolution! pirate )

seperate halloween 2k6 quest donations

all these people are sex. you should pm them saying "giv me goldz... i need a kool sword and a car". biggrin

some other generous donators:-

Ali Myrrh Kim - tin hat, 4D goggles, alien probe. (thank you so much! xd heart xd )

Ishirai - jack's grab bags '06: 1, 2, 3, 5 and 8. (thank you ishi, you're my favourite sheep! xd heart heart )

Helter Skelter Hippie - jack's grab bags '06: 6 and 7 ( heart thank you! xd your generosity made me feel warm inside. heart )

SkylaDoragono - jack's grab bags '06: 4, and the cow bell (thank you. it was so great of you to help me finish my quest. heart )

in addition...

mysticneko offered me any items i need to finish the quest, however i'd already completed the quest by this point. but thank you for the offer. it's so touching that so many people offered so much that i had to turn somebody's offer down.

thanks to all of those who donated or offered to donate.

avi art gallery:
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by cheshira hatter

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by faery_gurl

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by vymes

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by I_Focus_On_The_Pain

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by wafflemuffin

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by Wings Of Onyx

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also by Wings Of Onyx


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Report | 07/14/2010 12:08 am


ah hahaha! All that stuff you said about Dannescourt IS TOTALLY TRUE!!! xxx
Goddess Of Luck

Report | 07/01/2010 11:02 pm

Goddess Of Luck

It's been a really long while since we've talked. I miss you. Hopefully I can get on messenger now, Stupid computer *kicks* Anyway a hug for you *huggles*

Lady Rayne Inari

Report | 04/21/2010 8:57 am

Lady Rayne Inari

Ha ha i stalked you!
-Vintage Sound-

Report | 04/21/2010 8:56 am

-Vintage Sound-

Somehow, I thought that may have been the thread you found me in.
I have no clue why.
-Vintage Sound-

Report | 04/21/2010 8:45 am

-Vintage Sound-

Haha, I can tell by your profile. xD

Report | 10/26/2009 3:08 pm


I'm doing fine.
Junior year is a butt though when half your teachers can't teach.

Report | 10/23/2009 5:54 pm


Hola Mi Amigo. Como Esta?
long time no talk smile
Disturbed Slanko

Report | 10/01/2009 10:00 pm

Disturbed Slanko

Nighttttt. Ttyl. ^__^
Sweet dreams.
Fine Art of Poisoning

Report | 10/01/2009 9:00 pm

Fine Art of Poisoning

Alright mister Tiddles, pleasure to meet you. I'm...well, haven't quite found a nic for the nic yet. So call me whatever you wish.

Oh I know it was serious business. Your methane emissions single-handedly caused global warming. I can tell.
It is the apocalyptic horn that rips through the ozone and makes the sun give us all skin cancer!
All because you have a burrito for lunch. Good job.
Disturbed Slanko

Report | 10/01/2009 8:09 pm

Disturbed Slanko

Hehe. I like masks..^_^
And I wont show you a pic of me in a hat.
cause i dont have one and wont have one..


you think money grows on trees?
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well i tell ya them trees belong to me.