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I'm TotallySomethingRandom.
CLEARLY I am not super creative with names o3o. So yes, you may give me a nickname.
I'm nineteen years old
I'm a photography major
I loathe math and science
I suck at taking tests
Pink is the sexiest color in the world. Your argument is invalid.
I sometimes wonder things that leave people thinking I have mental issues.
Monster High is BAMF.
So is MLP: FiM
I hate girls that act stupid in order to look cute.
I'll shower after I save Hyrule.
I try to convince myself that I'm as awesome as the Chosen of Tethe'alla.
I usually dream about childish things ;3;
I think that mermaids are amazing.
I want to roleplay with you.

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Place where it's accetable to talk to walls 8D

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xX-devils-dreams-Xx Report | 01/01/2013 1:51 pm
i like your avi and you have and interesting username
acutely Report | 05/16/2012 10:09 pm
bleh owo;
acutely Report | 05/15/2012 10:15 pm
*noms face* OwO
acutely Report | 05/06/2012 8:59 pm
xLittleMissSweetLindax Report | 05/01/2012 3:17 pm
Aww, I love those two!
My favorites are Kratos and Sheena/Collette. biggrin
xLittleMissSweetLindax Report | 04/30/2012 5:12 pm
Omggg, awesome!(:
Who's your favorite character?
And sorry for the random reply. D:
xLittleMissSweetLindax Report | 04/30/2012 2:15 pm
OMG, you play Tales of Symphonia? :]
As Seen On Steam Report | 04/30/2012 5:53 am
As Seen On Steam
NP. I wish someone would donate my stuff xD i would be their best friend for reals. HAHAAA
acutely Report | 04/29/2012 9:47 pm
no problem <3
do you need help?
acutely Report | 04/29/2012 8:43 pm
welcome back to gaia o:

☆¸.•*¨Talk to me*`•.¸☆

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