About me quiz:

~About you~
What's your name?: Alex
Why were you named that?: Idk ill have to ask my parents.
Are you male or female?: male
Would you rather be the opposite gender?: nope
How old are you?: 16 soon 17
Have you ever kissed anyone: yes
How tall are you?: Idk...
Are you happy with your height?: yup
How much do you weigh?: avrage lol.
Are you happy with your weight?: yeah
What color are your eyes?: pitch black :/
What's the natural color of your hair?: Pitch black again XD
Do your dye your hair? If so, what color?: no never dyed my hair.
What's your body type?: uhhh normal?
Do you know your blood type? If so what is it?: idk
Are you happy with your appearance?: yeah!
What is your sexuality?: straight

~What's your favorite...~
Food: Pasta
Drink: COffee
Color: green, red, purple.
Book: Maximum ride
Magazine: idk
Newspaper: none.
Website: youtube.com
Pen: A precise v5 rolling ball extra fine ink pen. its good for drawing.
Movie: super hero move/ fast five/ avatar... the list goes on.
Holiday: Christmas
Myth: that its bad to walk under a stupid ladder XD
Childhood story: I dont have one
Weather: now? its cold.
Eye color: blue!
Music player: MP3 player i guess.
Flower: black rose O.o
Sport: Hip hop dancing, Parkour
Vacation spot: Anywere were there is no work XP
Ocean: uhhh idk
Shampoo: idk
Deodorant: idk lol
Computer/Laptop: the one i have
Store: walmart!!! XDXDXD
Clothing brand: dont have one
Shoe: sneekers. any type

~This or That~
Pepsi or Coke?: coke
Water or Tea?: water
Braces or Retainer?: none XD
Bed or Couch?: bed
Past or Future?: future
Woods or City?: city
School or Work (as in job)?: school
Sun or Moon?: moon
Fire or Water?: fire
TV or Computer?: computer
Shower or Bath?: shower
Unusual or Normal?: normal
Predictable or Unpredictable?: predictable
Explainable or Unexplainable?: explainable
Honesty or Deceit?: honstesty
Together or Alone?: Together
Sunny or Rainy?: rainy biggrin its cozy
Cats or Dogs?: both
Reptiles or Birds?: birds
Poltergeists or Demons?: demons!
Eating or Starvation?: eating lol.
Summer or Winter?: winter
Night-Owl or Early-Bird?: Total night-owl
Peace or War?: peace
God or Satan?: god
Life or Death? life

~First Thing To Come To Your Mind...~
Blood: goth
Nightmare: nightmare on elm street
Clown: red nose
Squirrel: nut
Great: gate
Royal: king
Fangs: edwerd from twilight XD
Inside: outside
Outside: grass
Voices: echo
Darkness: shadow
Light: sun ray
Snake: mouse O.o
Bed: night
Ocean: sea shell
Family: family guy?
Myths: urban dictonary O.o idk why
Demons: roleplay
Angels: clouds
Love: heart
Hate: devel horns
God: light
Satan: big red dude with horns/
Nothing: white
The Unknown: White

~The What's, Who's, When's and Why~
What's your earliest childhood memory?: My grandmothers house
What's your worst childhood memory (that can be shared)?: uhh idk? dont have one
What's your new years revolution for this year?: not to make any more new years revolutions.
What's your current pet(s) name(s)?: gypse shakti dymka laska. all russian names
What's your relationship status currently?: In a relationship
What's your current health (unhealthy or healthy?)?: healthy
What's your current mood?: silly XP
What's the nearest book to you?: school book
What's the color of your nails/toenails?: uh... normal white color?
What's the time where you're at?: 12:34 PM U.U
What's the one thing you'd DIE before doing?: eat fifty cockaroches lol
What's the name of the person you love?: Family friends and girlfriend lol
What's the name of the person you hate?: nobody >.>
What's the subject in school/college that you just hate(d)?: math
Who's the bestest friend what you wouldn't trade for the world?: My friends. razz
Who's "that" friend who has a heart of gold?: lulwut?
Who's the person who you love but doesn't love like that back?: Uhh nobody smile
Who's the person you would never hurt?: family, freinds and girlfriend
Who's the person you'd confess anything to?: familey girlfriend and some freinds.
Who's the person you argued with? ex's lol
Who's the last person you said 'I love you' to?: Do i really need to put this stuff down XP
Who's the last person to hug you (through the internet & in person)?: a freind.
Who's the last person you punched?: One dude at school *facepalm*
Who's the last person to help you out with something?: idk
Who's the last person you called on the phone?: been a while since i had a phone sad
Who's the last person you saw?: my sister
Who's the last person you talked to?: my sister
When was the last time you wrote your feelings down?: ugh never lol
When was the last time you spent quality time with your family?: yesterday
When was the last time you thought outside of the box?: idk
When was the last time you believed in yourself? i always do biggrin
When was the last time you confessed something to somebody?: uhh idk
When was the last time you felt remorse?: idk again lol.
When was the last time you felt pure joy?: PURE joy? idk lol
When was the last time you smiled and really meant it?: just now
When was the last time you cried yourself to sleep?: never done that. why i cry i stay wide awake lol. XDXD
When was the last time you stood up for what you believe in?: you make this all sound like i have a interesting life. XD im just some kid lol. idk.
When was the last time you stood up for someone who was hurt?: idk ill have to think about that.

well, thats mostly it lol
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im Alex,im 16 years old and i and a professional hip hop,break dancer.
I would say that i look alot like Alex pettyfer but with black hair not blond. (click link).
i normaly wear a hoodie.some slacks and a T shirt.
I like rap,funk and rave music. My youtube acount is dancetrance101. My Devaintart is Total100
im a huge fan of the jabbawocks and quest crew.
i am a great video editor but for some reason i dont like to post my vids on youtube. i just kinda shy about my editing i guess lol.
I like D12,Eminem,5o cent,flo rida,drew seeley, Selena gomez..
im fun to be around and i have a good sense of humor. I act like a hard ass/bad ass but realy am kinda a shofty.
I live in florida. Im the laziest person you will ever meat. I dont want to stand up to get a book which is like a few inches out of reach.
I like to draw, i do southpark hand drawing animation and more.


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Flying Snitch
Dont leave!!! D : <
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Her Malevolence
I___ l o v e ___ y o u r___ s i g g y ___ a r t .

A w e s o m e___ s t u f f .
Gl0ssyEyes Report | 01/03/2012 12:29 pm
i know i noticed that after.... sweatdrop
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i literally just noticed it wasn't you... lol
Gl0ssyEyes Report | 01/03/2012 7:35 am
seriously, love your youtube channel. so talented! emotion_c8
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kelly in real life
Nice profile! XD
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okay lol
KIssmewithpassion93 Report | 02/01/2011 7:57 am
i love you're playlist its cool lol
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hey meet me at hollywood2 my room, wear a swimsuit theres a pool party


Dark star circus Role Play = Open!
maximum ride based role play part 2 = Role playing now
four castles revived Role Play = role playing now.

What now = dead
Cops and robbers = dead
Step up 2 the streets = dead

Another day in paredice = dead
maximum ride based role play (1) = dead
High Light high Role Play= dead
maximum ride based role play (2) = dead
maximum ride based role play (3) = dead
dark world role play = dead
four castles = dead
juvenile role play = dead
juvenile high = dead
blood in royal hands = dead
On the run = dead
black sun roleplay = dead
Dog eat dog world gang roleplay = dead.
Its not the end yet = dead


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