im sara.
im just me. no labels nothing. just me.
people say im emo...but am i?
i dont know. cuz labels are bullshit. just like bush.
well i skateboard. yeah..its totally awsome.
music is pretty much my life.

you see me smile but is it real?
im mostly depressed all the time.
i actually am depressed all the time.
but sometimes i hide it with one of those things called a smile.
yeah those.
but im rarely happy.
there are some people who truly know me and know when im happy or not.
and those people i care about the most.
those are the ones who complete my life.
they know they do.
they have a space, in my heart that will be there forever:::

Spencers ^_^
Ian... best fake bro ever
Stephanie my lovely smidget
Charlotte my "emo" buddy
Justin god i miss him

well on to me again...
my life is ******** me over
it hates me
it wants me to die...
but i dont have the guts to
cuz theres those people i love with my life
and i would die for every single one of them

I have AIM, YAHOO, and MSN,
msn= bigleysara@hotmail.com
aim= rmmschick
yahoo = fat_cherry_12

i have a myspace...
its under my yahoo email.

i have many friends.
but very few TRUE friends.
i am hated, but isn't everyone?

i love posters.
and music.
and teenager stuff.

well my other gaia... Ians_favorite_4eva got hacked....
so i made this one.

im completely smart when it comes to technology.
i love it.
but if you give me a a screw brain teaser or something i wont get it...

i love wearing bracelets
and my fav bands clothing.

theres this guy..
i love him...
i thought i wouldn't ever be with him.
but it turns out I will be, because I am.
i love him more than anyone could ever love him;
so dont start with him

theres these two guys.
who are my life.
they are my fake brothers
that i absolutely love with my life ^_^
mr. Ian and mr. Spencer
they always make me smile when im the most depressed

oh i do NOT go to church.
ive never been there before, nor will I.

I well pretty much am always bored >_>
I love putting smileys theyre the best ^_^

I have 3 cats/kittens (( in human years))
1. 4yrs, black&&white, Bacardi
2. 2yrs. black, Ninja
3. almost 1 yr, black, Boo

uhm yeah, they are all 2 years apart.
that turned out weird. >_<


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Holy #@$%! THis place is cool

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If you send this to 12 people and press Ctrl + W you will get 4000
Chesty McRoo

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Chesty McRoo

if you send this to 12 people and press ctrl +w you will get 4000 gold! Trust me it really works.
Chesty McRoo

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Chesty McRoo

That's a funny, but yet weird video, lol
Tyrannus Nocens

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Tyrannus Nocens

Hello,and why does my video scare you?
The Other Weasley Girl

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The Other Weasley Girl

30 seconds to mars

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NEW VIDEO!!!!!!!!!!
The Other Weasley Girl

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The Other Weasley Girl

Clix Werewolf of the Hell

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Clix Werewolf of the Hell

Good,and you?
Amaya Kiyoko

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Amaya Kiyoko

-squee!- *hugs* s-s-s-s-s-s-s-s-sara!!! ahahahah! me and my sensei -chris- we were messin' with myspace, and we found adam's..... i stole his picture of off it..... User Image and don't say anything, cuz he's not here and i won't beable to talk to him 'till.... forever! because he's in tennesse..... eh... w/e... hey ^-^


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