name: Lee Edward Fields (meh real birth name)

Well, what do you expect from a twenty year old black male? I'll answer that, "NOT A DAMN THING"

I'm just another person, a being within this world called earth, that may only last until the age of seventy or lower. I'll just cherish life until then, and make alot of friends in the process hopefully.

I like the usual stuff that any young man of my age would. SEX,GAMES,MONEY,CAR,FRIENDS, FOOD,MOVIES,WEED and other.

I do not classify myself as a category as some people do. GOTH,EMO,GANGSTA,....please, never put me in a category of the listed. I'm me, a person. I mean, it really gets on my nerve listening to people say there goth, emo, or some other thing. If you have to wear things you don't like and cut your hair a certain way just to be excepted in a group of peers....kill yourself now befor you have kids. But hey, if you like death, if your emotional, do what you want. I just have a harsh emotion towards poserz.

If you want to be my friend, be yourself truthfully, also, speak to me like a fawking human being. If I hear one more..."Whas up dawg...you a realZ *****" or something slong those lines...I swear...I'm going to masterbate! ^_^


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My Personal Rants on Society



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Slumber Bunny

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Slumber Bunny

second comment!
cool avi!

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1st comment bee-hot-j**! D:<

...My "gangsta-ness" has lit your profile up in all it's glory.


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