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I see you staring at me, boi... It's okay. I bamboozled you a bit too well. Tee hee~
Suffice to say... I'm a guy. Not a trap, a tomboy, or an e-girl. None of it. Pure. raw. dog.
This account has a bit of history but I repurposed it to be female specific, hee hee~
If you want to know about my main; send me a PM but be nice about it pretty please~
This account is proof that even I can show onlyfans quality good. LOL. sorry not sorry.
Rest assured. I don't have an interest in stealing a character specific cosplay from anyone.
This is just a side hobby I developed over the years and I've become overqualified for it.

I didn't ask to be the best. I worked for it. This is merely just the tip of the iceberg.
My goal is to bring us back towards high quality cosplays and tough love criticism again.
To criticize means what's not working. An opinion doesn't protect your bias nor entitlement.
No one is safe from criticism, not even me. Learn to embrace the imperfections to try again.
The ego is reflected onto the cosplay and it tells us a lot about the individual's line of work.
I suggest dropping said ego and address the flaws that require proper revision and thought.
A half-baked cosplay makes for a weak entry. An amazing cosplay has more time dedicated.
Know when you're defeated and learn to pay close attention at even the smallest of details.
Before I end in a high note, I tip my hat to a dear friend for hatching this beautiful mistake.

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Once more as a refresher: I'm a Guy. In. Real. Life. Don't fall for me or you'll regret it~