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I see you staring at me, BOI-ya~... It's okay. I bamboozled you a bit too well. Tee hee~
Suffice to say... I'm a guy. Not a trap, a tomboy, or an e-girl. None of it. Pure. RAW. Dog.
This account has a bit of history but I repurposed for female cosplays only SO... Ara Ara~
I'm treating this account like the many girls that teased me in the past. LOL. Sorry not sorry.
If you want to know more about my main; send me a PM but be nice about it pretty please~
I have a handful of waifu's at my disposal that I can cosplay so do look forward to them.
Rest assured. I don't have an interest in stealing a character specific cosplay from anyone.
This is just a side hobby I developed over the years and I've become overqualified for it.

I didn't ask to be the best. I worked for it. This is merely just the tip of the iceberg.
Anywho... I'm just an average dude with a dream aspiring to be a Graphic Designer.
I binge on games, tokusatsu, ol' television shows, anime, and music on the side as I work.
I've experienced the highs and lows of life to where I'm happy with myself and living life.
I think of myself as unpredictable and the one in control who observes and acts accordingly.
I can be the nicest guy or a monster that can pick apart a heartless person's insecurities slowly.
I am single. I accept boobs and thighs as a fee. I'm just playin'. I'm all for personality, ladies~
I mansplain a LOT... but you're free to tell me kindly to stop at certain points. I'm thoughtful.
Before I end in a high note, I tip my hat to a dear friend for hatching this beautiful mistake.

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Once more as a refresher: I'm a Guy. In. Real. Life. Don't fall for me or you'll regret it~