My name was derived from the singer who sang this awesome song! Wows, interesting!

Welcome to meh plastic forest!

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Gender: Female

Location: Breathing....

Birthday: 06/17/1992

Are you trying to find me! O.o

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this is too awesome! plz watch for your health, and go around twice if your happy~

This song is so beutiful. ~Dances while crying~

Cry little sister, bwahaha! I love this Vid!

Don't stop me now -MCFLY! (song of the week)


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"Tofufight's Babbles"

I plan to right about ...breathing...neah, I'm just joking. You'll have to read and see *runs away with pen and paper*


Why, what is this I have stumbled upon?

What I Know
1. The dictionary is a weapon, don't you ever forget that.
2. Unicorns never went extinct, they addapted.
Thus, we have the narwhal (Long live the sea creatures!)
3. Michael is from translyvania! Everybody tie bottles
of goat milk to their bodies for protection!
4. Now that we're on the subject of milk, DO NOT drink the
Milk there is string in the milk! You will choke on the string!

What is truly about me
I love music mostly rock and alternatinve type stuff, and oldies i'm currently a killer for johny and santo's 'sleepwalk' good good song. My favorite animal is the almighty MOOSE yes the moose should be worshiped. Unfortunately i live far far away from them.
I like drawing, singing (me singing=dead animals), i hate cats and this weird indian guidance councelor that likes to make kids

That's all i got now a picture of me and my dog
buffy. <3

Oh yeah, you wish you had that dance thingy going on at your house...

People say this stuff....

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HotChikGurl Report | 06/19/2008 6:12 pm
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Osaka Seriname Report | 06/07/2008 11:21 am
Hey, I got the new Shojo Beat in. I'll probably have either 2 or 3 new shojo beats for you to read when we go back to school. lmao. Well unless you come sleep over at my house or i go to your house. Then you can read them earlier. hehe. Vampire Knight is getting so awesome. Zomg awesome! lmao. I can't wait to read the last chapter of Gaba Kawa. But i still can't believe how short it is. I thought it would be longer. It's really funny i don't want it to end yet. Nooooo...Oh well. haha. So what have you been up to? How has your summer been going? I've been on the computer and playing video games. Yay video games. I'm totally bored dude. I might read Twilight later. I want to finish Twilight so that i can start on New Moon. Zomg! I wanna see the Twilight movie so bad. Edward is so hot. Did you see the trailer thingy yet? My lil sisters friend showed it to me. her name is Karli. She's totally awesome. I got her into Vampire Knight. Yay!
Osaka Seriname Report | 06/07/2008 11:14 am
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fallendragoon15 Report | 06/02/2008 4:41 pm
That's the song on Dawn of the Dead

Don't Stop me Now

But Queen sings it better

nice profile btw, but mine is better! Bwahahahahaha
Riya-Ahkir Report | 06/02/2008 10:17 am
Hiya Moose!

Osaka Seriname Report | 05/31/2008 7:26 pm
Hey, how have you been? What day do you think you'll be able to come sleepover at my house?

Let me know a day and i'll talk it over with my parents and see if they'll say yes or no. hehe.

We totally need to hang out. User Image
FaeriesAreMagic Report | 05/31/2008 6:37 pm

-Runs away-
Kasumi Nysami Report | 05/26/2008 10:50 pm
OMFG! That video......0.0..fits your site perfectly...but what the hell was it? ^^"
Osaka Seriname Report | 05/21/2008 11:10 am
hello, your dream avi is so adorable.

What have you been up to?

Do you have to take the exams?

I didn't have to. Did Megan or Carla give Web

my Vampire Kiss book? Well if you can could you tell them to

give the book to webster for me. I'd really appreciate it.
Osaka Seriname Report | 05/09/2008 1:20 pm
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