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Hello, i'm Tobikomi Aran. but you may call me Tobi. If there's anything you should really know about me, it's that i am very protective of my friends and family. I'm somewhat easy to talk to i guess, but once i start to dislike you, there's almost no getting me back. XD

I love playing games and watching tv. Although i almost never watch normal tv because i have amazon waiting for me. My favorite shows are supernatural, smallville, grimm, and doctor who. I'm also an avid watcher of anime. my top five anime are soul eater, naruto, black butler, ouran high school host club, and fruits basket. As for games, i'm a huge World of Warcraft player. Although i only have two 90s, i do have quite a few 80+s. I love the call of duty games. But i'm not as hardcore into the newer ones. My favorite COD will always be mw2. Final Fantasy, Legend of Zelda, and the Elder Scrolls are my three favorite franchises that are still going pretty strong.

I guess that's basically all you need to know. I'm a guy. I'm asexual, or pansexual like all these swag/scene people nowadays say. Oh, and if i dislike something you like, i won't say anything unless i am way against it. Also, i'm athiest, but if i ever had enough proof, i would become christian, or at least agnostic first. xD

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