Hey There! I am Tobias Geminasu, I joined Gaia Online way back in early 2004, and used to frequently come here read about the forums. I was an active member, usually seen in the Gaia Community Discussion. I loved to make edits, and post about the plotline back then, and admired the NPC known as Johnny K Gambino. I used to frequent the fanthread for Gambeino as well and I made many friends, those of whom have left Gaia and do so sorely miss. Zinnia where did you go?

I became a member of "PTAG" and later a hosting member of "Snap" podcasts relating to Gaia Online. I met many amazing people and even got to meet them at conventions where Gaia attended, mind you I played the role of cameraman for these. Most of which if you want a stroll down memory lane/or history's highways for Gaia can be found on my youtube account. For how long still, not sure. I created videos based on videogameplay footage showing off custom character ings, and of the game Soul Calibur 3 all made NPCs, god only knows how many people couldn't grasp the concept of watching ANYTHING videogame related on Youtube, irony that its a major thing nowadays.

Still I pop on from time and again, maybe you'll see me if I post, I loved this site, but time changes all things, and so too Gaia changed. For some ways I don't care for, but its really of little concern. I spend most of my time working, and gaming these days. If you want to play game you can message me, I'm on Steam.

Later Folks!