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hey everyone! my name is ashley (you can call me tobi though), i'm 24 years old, and i graduated with a degree in psychology from university of northern iowa in 2016. you can usually find me in the cb, gcd, and occasionally the art freebies forum. some of my favorite animals are cats, squids, sloths, and goats! i love horror movies and i enjoy really morbid stuff haha. my favorite anime is hetalia, attack on titan, and naruto n_n. and i like wasting my time on this site and making avatars~! 🙊 if you want to know anything else, just ask~! pls add me too, i need more friends on here redface

please comment me if you want to talk~! im slow at replies though, so it may take me awhile to get back to you!
thanks for looking at my profile! 🐙

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Savior Naruto Report | 07/01/2020 1:50 pm
Savior Naruto
Halkio Report | 12/10/2018 5:02 pm
A lot has been going on! I moved across the country and I got married. I finally went back to naruto and finished the series lol what thread do you hang out in these days?
Halkio Report | 11/16/2018 8:53 pm
Hey! This is Kutchu!
A Creative Writer Report | 08/17/2018 11:02 pm
A Creative Writer
It feels weird being 22 now, wth. /turned 22, 3 days ago.
But, how are you doing these days?
A Creative Writer Report | 07/27/2018 8:37 pm
A Creative Writer
Just do whatever is right with your career and life path! 4laugh
But, I totally understand if you're not always available in regards to being on here and taking awhile to reply back to messages.
I've been busy as well.
But, did you at least enjoy the coursework and what not for your major?
A Creative Writer Report | 06/25/2018 8:31 pm
A Creative Writer
Oh, I had no idea you were busy irl. Sorry. I feel bad now, omg. gonk
But, yeah the joys of student loan debt. /the reason I'm not attending uni.
Did you try getting a job with your degree from college or anything? surprised
A Creative Writer Report | 06/24/2018 4:06 am
A Creative Writer
A Creative Writer Report | 06/12/2018 5:05 am
A Creative Writer
Did you even read my profile comment from a week ago? emo
A Creative Writer Report | 06/03/2018 11:46 am
A Creative Writer
Well, I graduated from community college with an AA. (Associate of Arts)
But, unfortunately, I'm not going to be attending university. I only got one scholarship but it wasn't even enough for one class and we just don't have the money to afford it.
However, if I had attended university, I would've majored in English.
It seems like the daily chance and dumpster dive stuff have gotten waaay better than a couple of years ago, which is very surprising.
What do you do for a living now? Unless you're not comfortable saying, I totally understand. But, I work retail.......
A Creative Writer Report | 06/03/2018 1:06 am
A Creative Writer
Tobi, what's happened to this website?
I'm so confused with the currency being changed from gold to platinum. What is this nonsense?
I also just logged on here after a 3 year hiatus because that's how long I took to finish college, but hey I graduated last month. I also work now, so I've got a busy-ish life now.
I was curious about how it's been on here as well as my friends, like you. Did a lot of people leave? I'm afraid to post in the forums, even though I used to post in the Chatterbox like crazy.
Also, how have you been?

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