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Cause I'm Just Cool Like That

I'm Canadian. My polar bear says rawr. My igloo needs to be frozen. Hockey is my religion. I should've eaten my maple syrup this morning.
I'm a writer. Original or fanfic? I'm an artist. Can I draw you something? I'm a role player. Which character should I use? I'm a gamer. Did you just kill me? I'm a photographer. Pose already, damnit!

Also; "Eeee! Look at that fluffy unicorn! He's so fluffy I'm gonna die!"

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Buongiorno, and thanks so much for stopping by my humble little shop. Thanks to the recent discovery of GaiaCash, I will be selling and buying more items than before! So there will be more variety, I hope....
If you have any questions, feel free to PM me, I'm open to slight haggling, depending on the item.
Regardless, you can still PM me. I love meeting new people gaia_kittenstar

Note: I am not Italian, I just love the language emotion_yatta


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Awesome doesn't even begin to describe this!

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Last Login: 06/27/2012 11:23 am

Registered: 02/14/2008

Gender: Female

Location: Locked Away in a cave somewhere deep in the mountains of Canada

Birthday: 12/14/1991

"Here's the Dealio."

Name: Emily Rose
Species: Human
Race: Caucasian
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Hazel
Height: 5'10"
Status: Attached heart
Orientation: Straighter than straight
Child of God and proud believer of the Christian faith.

Music Genre: Whatever, so long as it's not certain kinds of rap.
Movie Genre: Almost everything!
Game Genre: Pretty much everything. Except for puzzle games. I prefer shooters, or RPG, racing, mystery, etcetera.
Book Genre: Whatever I find interesting, I suppose 3nodding

Likes/Loves: Anime, chocolate, reading, rainy days, spring, autumn, dancing - ballet, writing, roleplaying, gaming, movies, sketching/painting, new TVs, not having to cook, change, traveling, fast cars, God's creation, Wii Fit, cheesecake, birthdays, buying stuff for people (when I have money hehe), long walks in forests, taking pictures with my Canon Rebel XSi, snow, negative temperatures, animals of all kinds (snakes and spiders included, hehe), hiking, climbing trees, swimming (especially in lakes), ocean beaches, languages, accents, mimicking sounds, like-minded people to relate to, distractions, unicorns, Dairy Queen ice cream, spinach dip, FanFiction, DeviantArt, Tim Hortons, spending time with family, watching movies, Pokémon, Skype, long hair, sharpies, swords, feathers, feathered jewellery, raptors (not the dinosaur kind though I love dinosaurs too!)

Dislikes/Despises: Perverse language/thoughts/actions, bullies and bullying, OC's created for pairings with real anime characters, the time when snow melts and turns everything to mush, driving, having to conform to fit other people's standards, emotions, lack of a social life, having to work hard for absolutely everything, cookies with semi-sweet chocolate chips, shopping, going places I don't have to go to, winter driving conditions, having to use a phone to talk to people, slash pairings of any kind

Roleplay: Animals (wolves, cats, etcetera.), Anime (PM me for preferences and experience), Realistic, High School, Video Game, Historic

Fave Quote: You must never give in to despair. Allow yourself to slip down that road, and you surrender to your lowest instincts. In the darkest times, hope is something you give yourself. That is the meaning of inner strength. - Uncle Iroh; Avatar: The Last Airbender (Book 2; Episode 5 - Avatar Day)

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samantha9595300 Report | 01/29/2012 11:47 am
Thanks heart
floofy booty Report | 12/10/2011 3:40 pm
You're Welcome Hun. ♥
KawaiiCuddlez Report | 12/09/2011 4:18 pm
You are very much welcome
xCount-Sironx Report | 12/09/2011 3:26 pm
xp Haha i hope so, cost me almost 2mil xD
xCount-Sironx Report | 12/09/2011 3:23 pm
Haha i didnt need to buy anything else for me really i already have my dream avi smile and when my friend showed me an avi she made on tektek, it looked terrible so i had to make a new one for her, and she is poor so i sold items and bought it for her lol lol
xCount-Sironx Report | 12/09/2011 3:20 pm
No problem at all smile promised my friend a new avi xD
styledcliff Report | 12/02/2011 7:11 pm
you're welcome
MewMewNyan123 Report | 11/28/2011 9:37 am
ha lol. 4laugh and you welcome i love the scarf. i had to buy it. heart NIPAH heart
The Real arial Report | 11/24/2011 11:53 am
_______$____________$$$_______$$$_____$$_________ __________$$$_____$____$$$$____$$$$____$$$_________ ____$_______$$$____$___$$$$___$$$$____$$$____$_____ _____$$$____$$$$___$$___$$$$_$$$$$___$$$$___$$_____ _______$$$___$$$$__$$$__$$$_$$$$$____$$$$__$$___$__ _______$$$$__$$$$_$$$$___$_$$$$$_____$$$$_$$$__$$__ ________$$$$_$$$$$_$$____$$$$$$_____$$$$$_$$__$$$__ _________$$$$$_$$$$_$___$$$$$$_$___$$$$$_$___$$$___ ____$$$$__$$$$$$_$$$_$__$$$$$$_$$_$$$$$_$___$$$$___ ___$___$$$$_$$$$$$_$_$$$_$$$$$$$_$$$$$____$$$$$____ __________$$$_$$$$$$_$$$$_$$$$$$_$$$$___$$$$$______ ___________$$$$_$$$$$$_$$__$$$$$_$$$__$$$$$________ _______________$$$_$$$$$_$__$$$$_$__$$$$___________ ____________________$_$$$$__$$$$__$$$$_____________ _________________________$$_$$$_$$$________________ ___________________________$$$$$$__________________ _________________________$$$$$$$$$$________________ ________________________$$$$$$$$$$$$_______________ _______________________$$$$$$$$$$$$$_______________ ______________________$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$______________ _____________________$$$$$$$$$$$_$$$$______________ ____________________$$$$$$$$$$$_$$$$$______________ _____________$_____$$$$$_$_$$$_$$$$$$______________ _____________$$____$$$$_$$_$$$__$$$$_$_____________ ______________$$__$$$$_$$_$$$$______$$$____________ _______________$$_$$$$_$$_$$$$_______$$$___________ _______________$$$_$$_$$$_$$$$$______$$$$__________ ________________$$$__$$$_$__$$$$___________________ ________________$$$$$$$$_____$$$___________________ ________________$O$O$$$______$$$___________________ ______________$_$$$$$$_______$$$___________________ ____________$$$_$@$$_______$$$$____________________

Caracal Fae Report | 11/21/2011 6:26 pm
I think separate rooms is ideal. ^_^ It allows you to have your alone time without throwing him out of the house, or feeling the need to leave the house. 3nodding
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