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So, Kore's the name I'm using (it's the pet name and her public name) while her True name is only know by herself and her sponsor, The Lord Of The Dance, a wyldfae about on level with the summer/winter ladies. But where they take orders from the Queens, he is a steward of The Erlking. Where The Erlking is the heart stopping nightmares you never had of Herne, the Lord Of The Dance is the entirely amoral vision of Pan.

She was taken to fulfil a debt her mother left unpaid when she died, and is an emissary to the mortal world working to entice mortals into using the Dances of Power, which give power to her Sponsor when used to raise energy or cast full spells.

Her major obligation is in stealing new servants for her master, by tricking them into accepting gifts or making promises.

Using the stats sheet...

Terpsikhore Name Unknown to all but LOD, herself, probably Erlking. (Pet/nickname: Kore)
Emissary Of Power
Marked By Power -1
High Concept Aspect:
Child Of The Dance
(Knows the practice of ritual dance magics better than she knows her own name.)
Trouble Aspect:
Lord Of The Dance Rules Me
(Cannot volunteer information related to magic/the supernatural unless her own life or purpose is threatened. May not halt a Dance, if a Dance is seen to be halted, is COMPELLED to bring it to completion herself.)

Phase One:
Events: Her mother owed a debt to the Lord Of The Dance that remained unfulfilled at the time of her death, so the infant Kore was taken to repay that debt. Trained in the rituals of magic dance, so that she could trick unwary humans into their use, which would then power The Lord Of The Dance. She learned with three other children (names? add in later) When training was completed, Child 1 is sent to Western Europe, Child 2 the Mediterranean with focus on Greece, Child 3 send to Southwestern United States with particular attention paid to the Four Corners area, Kore given the Midwestern US as her territory.
Phase Aspect: Stolen Child
(Raised in the Nevernever, knows it's paths in regards to her territory and where connections exist,)
Phase Two:
Events: Began to first ensnare humans in low population areas. Created her focusing objects to invoke LOD's power and managed to trick a 14 year old boy into three favours owed the LOD.
Phase Aspect: At What Price? (develops a sense of the cost of power, relative to favours, as the Sidhe would mark them.)
Phase Three:
Events: -----
Phase Aspect: -----
(fill in later)

Great (+4) Deciet, Athletics
Good (+3) Performance, Endurance
Fair (+2) Lore, Discipline, Rapport
Average (+1) Presence, Survival, Stealth, Investigation, Weapons
All other skills default to mediocre,

Base Refresh Level: 7
Stunts and Powers:
-Aegis Of Respect (Marked By Power, -1)
- Sponsored Magic (Dance Magics -4)

Dance Magic

Rote Spells (2)
Focus Objects (3)
Enchanted Items (2)
Modified Refresh Level: 2


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Words scribed in a book bound of human skin

These words recorded at the behest of my master, let it be known to those who read them, to know it's entirety will surely doom you.


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SharonStars Report | 05/11/2013 11:40 am
Wow, you're a complex character xd
Madame Miammiam Report | 11/06/2010 10:51 am
Madame Miammiam
thx 4 buying darling <3


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