One of the coolest guys you could ever meet. We've been best friends since we were two years old. So quite obviously I know him outside of the web. I'm surprised we've been such good friends for as long as we have been honestly. He tends to get on my nerves not going to lie. But it happens lol


Linzer :3 Shes my main homie. lol Another IRL friend. I love this girl to death. Shes goofy and always gets me to smile when I'm having a horrible day. I couldn't have asked for a better friend. We're drifting apart kinda but I know whenever I need her she'll always be there and she knows that I'll always be there for her as well. That is all that matters.


Shes pretty awesome. I rarely talk to people on here because they bore me (Sowwy) but she is actually fun to talk to and can keep a conversation going or at least tries to ;3 She also made me my 2nd sign...well..her rabbit did but still lmao. I just figured she deserved a spot on my prof since I'm on hers ;D Just beast like that haha. jk. Anyways thanks for being freaking saweet Iris ;D


Everything with you and about you was all a lie. Hopefully he figures out what a waste you are too.

Hello *Waves* My name is Bryce. But you can call me whatever you'd like. Tnobile, etc. I don't really care. I'm 18 years old. I don't act my age a lot of the time I'm hyper and way to talkative. I've been on Gaia for approximately 5 years. This account is newer due to my old one being hacked by my f*****t cousin. I roleplay and I'm usually always on zOMG. My CL is 5.5 at the current moment. I'm single and I'm straight. I don't really go for the whole internet relationship thing, but lately someones kinda caught me and I'm pretty confused. I'm a huge flirt. Be warned. I'm big into sports. I play Soccer, basketball, football, and I'm in karate and MMA. There is more but I don't feel like listing everything. Just ask me if you really want to know. My mother and my father are both deceased, my mother more recent. I miss them both very much. I'm now taking care of my two younger siblings, I don't feel like I'm cut out for this but I'm going to do everything I can for them. I think I'm about done writting in this little box so if you want to know anything further feel free to throw me a PM/Comment and lets talk, I'm a nice guy, Promise. : )

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[x]Irisdescence is freaking sweet :3

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Gaiaonline is a joke. I'm done logging in every day. If you need me, you'll find a way to communicate with me, I'm done wasting my time.