Whats your Name?
What do you go by?
-Bree Bree,
Whats your favorite color?
-Redd. =]
-Drawing, WRITING!, and Readin.
Who Has Your Heart?
Austin ♥
Your Most Over Used phrase?
-FoSho. biggrin
Dog or Cat?
Vanilla or chocolate?
Favorite Day of the week?
-Tuesday. haha. =]
Current Favorite Song?
-obsessed- mariah Carey!
[Best Song Ever! =D]
Songs you absolutely Hate?
-Crazy - gnarls Barkley And anything
by that Colbie b***h.
(Two years ago.... )
How old were you?
-Thirteen. >Blah<
Where did you go to school?
-Chiddix Junior High School.
Where did you work?
-Work? What the Hell is Work?
Where did you live?
Where did you hang out?
-The mall, Er trailor court.
How was your hair style?
-uhm, None, basically a freakin...IDK?
Did you wear glasses?
Who was your regular-person crush?
-I Dont think I had one, I was going through a
"Boys Are My Friends"
kind of Stage, which is still SORTA true.
How many tattoos did you have?
-None, Buh I AM gettin one for my 16th B-Day.
My Mommys nd Daddys Intials on the back of my Neck.
How many piercings did you have?
What car did you drive?
-Uhmmmmm......I FREAKIN RACE CAR!
im jusssssss kiddin....XD
What was your worst fear?
-Escalators, Staircases should NOT move at all.
You been arrested?
-No. smile
Had your heart broken?
-No Not that i Can recall.
The present:
How old are you now?
-15... biggrin
Where do you work?
-Some Where Soon..
Where do you go to school?
Where do you live?
Where do you hang out?
-Mall, Friends house, My house, movies,
park, jus anywhere.
Do you wear glasses?
-Eh, Sometimes.
What is your hairstyle?
-Past The Shoulder,
Layered with Bangs,
Who are your best friends?
-Amber, And Alina [ONLY]
Still talk to any of your old friends?
How many piercings?
-4 plus im gettin my eyebrow pierced.
How many tattoos?
-Workin on it
What kind of car do you have?
-Black dodge Somethinnn...?
gonna get a new one.
What is your biggest fear?
Have you been arrested since if so how many times total?
-Almost did like 4 times.
Has your heart been broken?
-Hmmm... I thought it Did, But He Repared it. :3

.Im The Girl |W A V I N G| Her Middle Finger in the air.
.Because For Once I just Dont |C A R E|.