Hi there! mrgreen
My name's TJ, and it's nice to meet you!
I'm your typical average teen who goes around the Internet looking for someone to talk to.
The problem is, I'm not a guy you'd want to talk to... sweatdrop
Yeah, I may be a total loser at CSS and JavaScript, but that doesn't mean I'm not a noob. stressed
Oh wait, maybe it does. cry
I absolutely love writing . mrgreen I'm still inexperienced at this sort of thing though, but I'm getting there.

I write a lot, and because I love it so much, I never mind looking around for anyone who'd like me to write a story for them.
As such, I'm opening up a writing shop here.

Okay, so feel free to PM me or som'n if you're interested. I'll see you around soon! mrgreen


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TJ's Notebook

A plethora of random contrivances of the world that I live in...Gaia.



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