I am Prolife.
He's a child, not a choice.

I'm tintinxiaoyu.
Music is my life. I enjoy going to shows.
My favorite music is mostly indie,
experimental, alternative, acoustic,
and hardcore.
Art: I use oil pastels, chalk, pencils,
and I love photography
Books: 1984, Animal Farm,
An Abundance of Katherines,
basically anything by John Green.
Favorite TV shows: The Office,
The Real World, Chowder,
The Marvelous Misadventures
of Flapjack, History Channel.
I do enjoy opera, Puccini
Verdi, Carl Orff and the like.
Favorite Bands:Foxy Shazam,
Trophy Scars,MGMT, AFI, Blaqk Audio,
The Devil Wears Prada,
Search the City, A Cursive Memory,
City and Colour, Haste the Day,
Los Campesinos,Phoenix,
Jaguar Love, Japan,
and Efterklang, Chiodos.
Like I said, I love music.
I play alto saxophone,
still learning violin and piano.
I'm in symphonic band,
marching band,
jazz band,
and pep band.