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Occupation: tutor, artisan, artist, gamer, musician

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X-Aach on 03/16/2020

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Born: 23rd September 1992

Avatar's birth date: 17th July 2008

Hello there! I'm a university student. I'm in preschool teacher training school. I'm also great at redudant setences. My major studies are children psychology and pedagogy. I like to see what makes people tick. *takes out a knife*

I'm a forum stalker, tutor, gamer, wooly crafter and pencil artist. I tend to have a social life sometimes. I'm not a people person, but I'll indulge you with a conversation. My sense of humour ranges from dark to silly. I'll often appear as rather jaded and if I give you the wrong and too negative "vibe", I apologize. I consider myself generous, but I draw a line at begging and abuse.

My internet connection is also complete and utter rubbish and I do occasional hiatuses. Expect them like the Spanish inquisition.

I frequent the forums of Lake Kindred, Pokemon and Art Discussion. If I'm not around, I'm doing projects/studying/working/reading/sleeping/playing something else/having a life. You're free to leave PMs if I'm not responding to you in the forum, but I may be busy.

Yes, I do provide explanations/information for Lake Kindred. You are allowed to contact me through comments or PMs. I try my best to break down the game's mechanics to provide anything informative.

I will never force my views onto you, you're grown enough to think for yourself and I will try to look at things from your point of view, but may want some elaboration from your side. I don't deal with narrow minded people, if you're going to throw baseless arguments at me, I'm not bothering with you nor will I take you seriously. I am not politically correct, I was not raised as such and I never will be. If my existence offends you, I really don't care.

No, I do not give extra potions/items/kin upon request unless I specificaly make a charity thread or give them as a gift if I feel like it. Don't you dare ask.

I do not do Avatar Art unless I make a thread selling it.

Want to know more? Ask if you must.

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3DS Friend Code: 0731-5493-6994
Name: Insula

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"I will not apologize for art."


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ThePhantomSonic Report | 02/06/2018 7:25 am
Thank you so much for the Kin donation, very much appreciated.
Quartzie Report | 10/11/2017 9:25 am
Nice profile. :3 :3 :3
X-Aach Report | 10/21/2016 8:45 am
You're the first woman I've come across who specifically mentioned that about her razz I understand what you mean- I'm not from the west but this behavior is universal. Like me and my friends are always calling each other the worst s**t there is!

Just letting you know I've got 's**t lord' on fb 'tell them about myself' razz

It's nice to see people flip the bird at political correctness... just 6 years ago, things were so different now I understand the value of the meme 'I don't want to be on this planet"
X-Aach Report | 10/21/2016 6:37 am
Haha razz I think so, retro represented on modern scale is very much trendy- but hey my little brother has been playing Doom past 7 years and wont quit!, keeps downloading new mods and he keeps at it. smh, anyhow you've got a interesting profile- not politically correct I noticed, I guess you've been harassed by virtue signalers a lot?
X-Aach Report | 10/21/2016 6:02 am
Same! biggrin

I tried to play fo1 and 2 but honestly the gap is so big, the age and design, I love top down viewing games but I just couldn't stick with it. But the wikis I went through I honestly really wish they'd make a prequel to the game in 3d, would be so surreal to play it.
X-Aach Report | 10/21/2016 5:53 am
Well You've played the best of fallout wink I don't want to spoil anything for you but I hear you! my laptop couldn't handle fallout 4 in vanilla state, had to download a few mods to play it. Didn't meet my expectation... NV was honestly the best of gaming I ever experienced- the bugs didn't bother me that much!

Wish they put a perk for the bugs razz
X-Aach Report | 10/21/2016 2:34 am
Fallout Fan? biggrin played FO4? My favorite was NV
Jud4y Report | 01/14/2016 1:03 pm
"YES THESE WILL DO NICELY!" emotion_bigheart
Jud4y Report | 01/14/2016 12:51 pm
Hahahah, I love your avatar, Tinkily!
The stepfather of lies Report | 01/14/2016 8:59 am
The stepfather of lies
Your avatar is awesome xd

A friendly reminder to go outside. Or I could throw you out instead.

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