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Currently called Chris or Timmy.
I am currently 20, 21 coming soon
I am Pansexual and Inlove with a man i cant live without ; w ; <3.
I work as the person you talk to at the desk in the dentist
I am trying to major fashion with a backup of medical
I live with my Fianc'e and im very happy with him
I am currently addicted to three things, guess
My mother is over protective and clingy.
Not smartest and or best person to talk to i guess, im boring
I'll ramble or i'll be quiet, easy to confuse, and freak out
I daydream alot and am easy to embarrass -fffuuu..
Estoy aprendiendo espaƱol..

-His fianc'e loves him so much
He'll never be able to comprehend that love
One day he'll be an amazing husband and possibly father
Chris is the most amazing person i've ever loved
Even with all his quirks and flaws
I love you.
And i couldn't live without you either.
-Your to-be husband.
p.s. Don't leave your browser up wink

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