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I'm Taylor but you can call me Tay.
I'm 14 years old and live in Colorado.
I love the color blue and green.
Random PM's: heart 'd
Hugs: Definately heart 'd
If you wanna know anything else just ask. c:[/align:f1d04a5b2d][/b:f1d04a5b2d][/i:f1d04a5b2d][/color:f1d04a5b2d][/size:f1d04a5b2d]


I can be friendly and I can be a biotch.
You lose your feelings
You lose your voice
You are a child
And have no choice
You always feel lost
Within your soul
The pain and sorrow
Can tighten its pull.
I can be precious and I can be worthless.


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Growing older is necessary..
But, Growing up is optional..

Got a problem with me?
-Solve it.
Think I'm trippin'?
-Tie my shoes
Can't stand me?
-Sit down
Can't face me?
-Turn around

I'm not a stalker, I'm just curious
Oh and by the way..you're out of milk.

Be who YOU want to be, not what OTHERS want to see.

We're not sarcastic - we're hillarious
We're not annoying - we're just kewler then you
We're not bitches - We just don't like you
And we're not obsessed - we're just best friends <3

Friendship is like peeing yourself, Everyone can see it but only you can get the warm feeling it brings.