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Hi. i like 2 keep my sales cheap. plz plz plz buy from me. i have 2 much stuff n not enough cash. thx! biggrin

I am a proud member of OPHOD. biggrin i like donuts! (d

The Panther will not purr for many. if you manage to make the Panther purr, you have accomplished the impossible. twisted


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Last Login: 10/11/2010 1:40 pm

Gender: Female

Birthday: 11/28

About Me

Hi. call me mo or tiki. im a pretty happy person. i do have a habit of teasing people so if i do, dont take it personally. i kid around alot. i would also like to say that people are often bothered by my use of excessively lengthy or foreign words, so if i bug you, just let me know and ill stop. thats about it, so cya! d3

I am the proud owner of Ophod, the Outsane People's House of Donuts!! Yaaaayy!
If you would like to join Ophod, eat a donut, and send me a pm saying that you are a proud member of Ophod, and that you like donuts! If I don't like you or feel that you are not worthy of the Ophod lifestyle, your request will be deleted and you will be excluded from Ophod. Thank you!


hello all! ok to the point. i wanna make friends and have fun.
i dont give out any personal information so dont ask.
my name is miranda but you can call me mo or tiki.
eithers fine. i love you all and hope you have fun! d3

My dreams that will probably never be:

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I adopted a dancing thing!
Likes:Saying "Tobi"
Dislikes:Cheesy fries
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I adopted!
Likes:Sunshine, snow
Dislikes biggrin arkness
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I adopted!
Name:Shadow Killer
Likes:Me, hunting
Dislikes:Whatever i tell her to dislike
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by the way, if i know you in real life and act like
i dont on here its because i like to keep my real
life separate from my online life and i may have
forgotten youre you. ^-^'

please dont be offended if i do. im apologizing ahead of time.

This is Lilac, who
I call Princess.
I put her here
cause she's
probably my only
friend who's not
afraid to really
bug me yet we are
still close.

I'm not going to say you were stupid to come down so far, cause I'm a nice person. So, instead, I'll show you bunny! (__/) ( . ) (")_(")

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