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I can't go nekkid now can I..??


Learn about me <3

Ah..Now this theme would be all

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My user name means Tiger Desi. So call me Desi, Tiger, Tigre. Or anything else;; as long as it's not offensive.

Hey everyone, I guess I explain myself here eh? I'm basically your average teenage girl I with friends, hang out, talk on phone, spend family time, ya` know all that good stuff. My age is on my birth certificate which you do not need to see for any reason at all ;] surprised

I'm up for onexone roleplaying if anyone wants to. Or just any literate roleplay..that has tags and all that other good stuff. I can be adv lit when I get really into it.

Accepting any donations for my dream avatars that are below, I am also a donator when I'm floating around charity/quest forum.
Ah yeah forgot to say..I don't accept random friend requests of course, if we have chatted for a while before and then you send me a request I will gladly accept. But if your a random stranger then sorry its a NO. So PM or comment or stalk me in forums to chat I don't care, just talk to me!


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User ImageMy LikesUser Image

-Family &&Friends
-A lot of animes&&mangas
-My mp3&&phone
-Writing poems or stories
-Comedy&&Horror Movies
-The color Blue
-Flowers buddies <3
-DDR..PIU..all those dance things.
-Roleplaying [Literate-Advanced Literate]

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User ImageMy DislikesUser Image

-Lime Green& Yellow
-Cocky People
-History Classes
-Country Music
-One Liners


My latest obsessed OTP's~
♥ )Allen Walker x Yuuki Cross( ♥
♥ )Lenalee Lee x Zero Kiryu( ♥
Images from Photobucket.
Altered by me using Photoshop
Inspired by Saddy & I

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User Image

Also here are my dream avvys!

User Image
Total Value: 1,244,398 Gold
[Item Information]

Item List:
Changeling Baby Girl 5th Gen
Reve Rouille
Nartian Rock 2nd Gen.
Diapered Egg 4th gen.
Wed to Darkness
Dark Elf Potion (purple)
Pirate Sando's Vest
Shadow Spirit
Death Whisper (10th gen)
Gift of the Gods
Inari's Beads 12th Gen
Oh My Gumball
Devil Imp Plushie
Demonic Anklets
Rock Hard
Immaculate Bishop
Sundae Sweets

User Image
Total Value: 2,890,795 Gold
[Item Information]

Item List:
Golden Sparkles
Heavenly Drapes
Black Fishnet Stockings

Imperial Queen
Valiant Knight
Devoted Pawn
Atrum Egg
Western Zodiac
Alruna's Rose 7th Gen
Dreamer's Dust
Elemental Wings
Fallen Wish 2nd Gen.
Gothic Veil
Easter Bunny Ears
Death Whisper (11th gen)
Gimpi 7th gen.
Angel Imp Plushie
Superior Form
Oculus Magica

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TheAmazingHelen Report | 09/24/2012 6:19 pm
cool avi
Divineya Report | 12/31/2010 6:06 pm
Nyquil_OD Report | 10/07/2010 3:01 pm
With you every angle is a perfect angle.
Nyquil_OD Report | 10/07/2010 2:47 pm
Not stalker pic >.<... Just capturing the moments with you in them so they can always be with me <3
Nyquil_OD Report | 10/07/2010 8:47 am
Takes personal pics Of Desi :3 ily <3
Nyquil_OD Report | 09/13/2010 12:41 pm
stops on page xd
Divineya Report | 06/04/2010 3:26 pm
I iz pwetty.....
pokemychu Report | 10/03/2009 8:16 pm
Lol razz
I've finished schoool, except now it's onto university and even moree projects to do now mad
xBreathtaking_Yaoix Report | 10/03/2009 1:24 pm
where have you been?!/1
i miss you ho
pokemychu Report | 10/01/2009 4:31 am
hmm; im good. xD!
anddd, pshhh VK is so good, i can't blame you for reading it all




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