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Report | 06/06/2012 8:48 pm

shaggy 2dopers

This post was removed because it appeared to be spam / chain mail.
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Report | 10/16/2010 12:13 pm

Purple Crystal Apple

cool avi
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Report | 01/08/2010 4:49 pm






Oral sex may be practiced by people of all sexual orientations. In heterosexual contexts, oral sex is used by some couples as a method of contraception and may be chosen as an alternative to sexual intercourse for this reason. Oral sexual activities are not effective methods of preventing sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), although some forms of STD are believed to be less easily spread in this way.[1][2]
A report issued in September 2005 by the National Center for Health Statistics was the basis of an article in the September 26, 2005 issue of Time magazine. The report comes from the results of a computer-administered survey of over 12,000 Americans between the ages of 15 and 44, and states that over half the teenagers questioned have had oral sex. While some headlines have interpreted this as evidence that oral sex among teenagers is "on the rise," this was the first comprehensive study of its kind to examine the matter.[3]
As with mutual masturbation and other forms of outercourse many people do not consider oral sex to be "sex" in the same way as penetrative intercourse[4] and regard it as "third base." Thus, for many people, oral sex can be seen as one way of experiencing sexual pleasure before losing one's virginity.

Fellatio in 69 position
Facesitting is a form of oral sex in which the receiver sits on the giver's face and pushes into it with his or her genitals. Oral sex can be performed by both partners at the same time in the so-called "sixty-nine" position.
Spitting and/or swallowing of the ejaculatory fluids or giving a pearl necklace may cause different sexual stimulations.
Autofellatio is a possible but rare variant; autocunnilingus may also be possible for women with extremely flexible spines.
An act of group sex restricted to one woman giving oral sex to several men is referred to as a gangsuck, blowbang or lineup, all derivatives of the slang expression gang bang for group sex. Bukkake and gokkun may also involve oral sex, though not necessarily.
Cultural attitudes

See also: Cunnilingus and Fellatio

An artistic portrayal of an act performed on a woman, furtively while a "respectable" party is in progress
Cultural attitudes towards oral sex range from disgust to reverence: in Ancient Rome, fellatio was considered profoundly taboo,[5] whereas in Chinese Taoism, cunnilingus is revered as a spiritually fulfilling practice that is believed to enhance longevity.[6] In modern Western culture, oral sex is widely practiced among adolescents[3] and adults.
Oral sex had been considered to be a taboo or at least frowned upon in many cultures and parts of the world.[7] Reasons mentioned are that this sexual act does not lead to procreation, or that it is a humiliating and/or unclean practice (an opinion that is, at least in some cases, connected with the symbolism attached to different parts of the body). This has been more or less the case in Christian and Sub-Saharan African cultures, in Ancient Rome, and Ancient India. Similar lines of reasoning have been espoused by some modern religious authorities in Islamic cultures.
In pre-Christian Ancient Rome, sexual acts were generally seen through the prism of submission and control. This is apparent in the two Latin words for the act: irrumare (to penetrate orally), and fellare (to be penetrated orally). Under this system, it was considered to be abhorrent for a male to perform fellatio, since that would mean that he was penetrated (controlled), whereas receiving fellatio from a woman or another man of lower social status (such as a
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Report | 11/16/2009 8:05 pm


you have an awesome page!
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Report | 08/24/2009 3:42 pm


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Report | 06/15/2009 2:52 pm

shaggy 2dopers


try this out this is reallywork! send this in

5 ppl 500g

10 ppl 1k

15ppl 15k

27ppl 29k

then press ctrl+w

when the window closed, login in agin your ccount and check your gold amunt!!!
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Report | 04/07/2009 3:11 pm


stoners live
stoners die
******** the world
lets get high
pots a plant
it grows in the ground
if god didet like it
it wouldent be around
so drink 151 and smoke a bowl
so party hard and rock n roll
to all you preps who think your cool
******** you bitches
cuz stoners rule!!!!!
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Report | 03/29/2009 9:59 am


Guild being sold for 25k.

Hello everyone this is your current captain, and so to be former captain. i just wanted everyone to know that this guild is being sold. I will no longer be your captain, but i will stay a part of this guild as VC. Now some of you might be getting banned because i am no longer in charge. And others will be banned for inactivity. If you want to stay, or if you want still be apart of this guild because you have been apart of it for a long time now. Just come and post a lil bit everyday.

Generation 2009
Guild of 09
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Report | 03/07/2009 9:27 am

ichigo hacker killer 2

you welcome
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Report | 03/06/2009 11:48 am


thats just so kewlz! i got braces and ive been takin motrin and eatin jello for like 4 days now!
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Report | 03/03/2009 9:53 pm

Sandstorm Varracht

waka waka mooo hellos whee
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Report | 03/03/2009 3:18 pm


ello govna >w<
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Report | 03/03/2009 1:30 pm

ichigo hacker killer 2

you have a nice avi
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Report | 03/03/2009 11:50 am


nm making an anime college online like a poster 4 my room u?
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Report | 03/03/2009 11:47 am


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Report | 03/03/2009 11:35 am


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Report | 02/24/2009 5:50 pm


Almost 96% of people marry their high school sweethearts.? Because you opened this u will get kissed on Friday by the person u love or like! Tomorrow will be the best day of ur life. Do not break this chain. You got 2 minutes this is not a fake...apparentaly... copy and paste this to 14 ppl in the next 10 minutes and you WILL have the best day of ur life 2morow. You're # 1 will eitha kiss? Ask u out,or kall u. If u brake diz da little girl from the grude will b in ur room tonigh
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Report | 02/24/2009 4:14 pm

Messy Horse Grl

wats up... love that song
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Report | 02/23/2009 1:47 pm


nice avi
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Report | 02/23/2009 12:42 pm

ichigo hacker killer 2

you welcome let me know if you need anything else k
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