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Just A Few Things I Think You Should All Know!

- I'm JP (Japanese).
- I'm in college, currently majoring in business administration after changing my major like a bazillion times.
- I get along with anyone! But I have a low threshold on stupidity
- I love my shampoo that makes my hair smell like strawberries <3
- I love playing all sports, but soccer is the best
- I love love love video games (add me on xbox!)
- I love puppies and kitties
- Link is my hero
- I love cheesecake
- I'm a gamer! Not a nerd!
- I don't care what you think, Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, and Beyonce rock. Period.


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K-Nesss Report | 05/06/2012 2:47 am
talk to me :I
Littleyellowgummybears Report | 12/17/2011 10:34 pm
You don't know me but can you delete this person off your account "rebecajane" shes really close to me but i don't want people talking to her but i you won't .... don't worry about that smile
iiHeartJumma Report | 05/24/2011 12:57 am
:3 I remember I used to talk to you.. But then we stopped talking after a while.. Its been close to a year since ive talked to you.. so heyy :3 U probably dont remember me. o:
Evataph Report | 04/28/2011 2:47 pm
Maybe I should watch it then. :3 What channel is it on in the U.S?
Tennis Crazy Report | 02/16/2011 10:45 am
Thanks biggrin
Tennis Crazy Report | 02/15/2011 12:07 pm
luckyyy. I just got out of my last class...now I have squash.
Tennis Crazy Report | 02/15/2011 9:51 am
Oh it's no problem smile I've been pretty busy as well. x.x Blahhh I just double chemistry. I am sooo tiredddddddddd.
Tennis Crazy Report | 02/14/2011 8:43 pm
Oh my goodness. I just read that Link is your hero and you love cheesecake. You are officially ah-mazingly awesome. You were amazingly awesome before...but ah-mazingly awesome is the next step up...sooooo congratz for the promotion biggrin
And meh. I didn't really do much all day. I'm vcing with my boyfriend now and he ditched me to go get dinner xD (he lives on the opposite side on the country so I didn't get to see him for V-day sad ....I may have told you about him before...but Idr) x.x
Tennis Crazy Report | 02/14/2011 5:11 pm
Ohhh ok. Understandable lol.
Tennis Crazy Report | 02/14/2011 4:42 pm
Aww why'd you bail?

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Hey, I am a soccer player, and I play any position except keeper, I was on a P1 team for quite some time. But anyways, I write music if you haven't checked my journal, then you should and give me some suggestions and/or comment on how much you like it, because i know you all will! Also, I basically have fun all the time, and I'm an easy going person. I just quit FFXI,the picture at the bottom is of my and my 2 best buddies Alston and Patrick! I Have Xbox Live, Steam, and Starcraft 2 if you want to play with me! If you want to message me go ahead i'll always write back if you want to know more! Nice to meet you all! Au Revoir!

Dollie Yumi

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