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Name: That's for me to know and you to find out. For now, you can call me Tiger.

Age: Old ;]

Appearance: Nothing too special.

Currently: Taken. Almost to freedom!!

Location: Home again, home again.

By The Way... My main is Singing Bunny. She was hacked on June 3rd, 2008. I'm waiting for news on the issue, but am trying to get on with my life and be patient. Wish me luck. Story of what happened here

My friends, not your friends
Role playing
Chocolate chip cookies
My music
Maybe your music
Being in the Whee
Doing absolutely nothing that I should be
MSN and YIM (though MSN more and more)
My family. My animals. My home. Anything that is MINE.
Making people smile
Reading, writing
Kisses on the forehead and neck
Knock-off Cocoa Pebbles with a name that I forget
Perfecting the art of procrastination
Staying up
Sleeping in
Long hair

The list goes on and on. The more you get to know me, the more you know. So... ask!

People in general
Liars, cheats, people who hurt my friends...
Math (Well, sorta.)
Being mad
When American Idol is the lead story on the news
Westboro Baptist Church
People who are self-pitying ALL the damn time
People who complain about their situation in life and yet do nothing to improve upon it
Those who can't take NO as an answer
Feeling guilty
So, it just seems like I don't like most people...

Again, get to know me...

Color: Any and all blues, though probably ocean blue the bestest
Book: o_O You suck self D: I love "The Island and the Ring." I think I could read that book a million times. Ooh, and "Shadow Spinner."
Movie: Enchanted, Beauty and the Beast, Hercules, Pirates of the Caribbean... a lot of Disney xD
Actor: Johnny Depp, Gerard Butler, Shaia LaBeouf
Actress: Drew Barrymore, uh... not sure ._.
Band: It changes. Somewhere between Motion City Soundtrack, Fall Out Boy, Hinder, and Nickleback
Single artist: Not sure at the moment. Somewhere between Pink, Kelly Clarkson, and Avril Levigne, Colbie Calliat (sp)
Songs (in general): omg, sooo many ._. *checks iPod* All Star, At the Beginning, Bubbly, Crazy b***h, Crazy for this Girl, Ever Ever After (<33), Every Time We Touch, Exodus 04, Goodbye Earl, Hallelujah, Holiday, Hotel California, Just Like a Pill, La Vie Bohem, Leave Me Alone (I'm Lonely), Let's Get ******** Up and Die, My Happy Ending, My Wish, Our Time Has Come, Scotty Doesn't Know, Seasons of Love, Simple and Clean, Stupid Girls, U UR Hand, Unwritten, 100 Years.
Songs (Disney): Be Our Guest, Beauty and the Beast, Belle (I swear it's coincidence that the first three are BatB xD), Bells of Notre Dame, Best of Friends, Can You Feel the Love Tonight, Circle of Life, Feed the Birds, Gaston, Go the Distance, **God Help the Outcasts (2nd favorite Disney song ever)**, I Just Can't Wait to Be King, ****I Won't Say (I'm in Love (Favoritest!!)****, Just Beyond the Riverbend, Kiss the Girl, Little April Shower, "Mine, Mine, Mine!", The Mob Song, Sing Sweet Nightengale, On the Open Road, **Once Upon a Time in New York City (3rd, I guess...)**, One Jump Ahead, One Last Hope, Out There, Part of Your World, Seize the Day, Something There, Steady as the Beating Drum, Strangers Like Me, Thomas O'Malley Cat, True Love's Kiss, Under the Sea, A Whole New World, You'll Be in My Heart, and prolly others that aren't on my iPod, lol. xD ...Sad, there are more Disney than normal songs.
Animal(s): Tigers and wolves
Thing about myself: Eyes, skin <33
Sweet: Chocolate chip cookies
Ice cream: Mint Chocolate Chip.
Smell: Vanilla
Flower: Rose. Cliche, maybe.
Season: Fall
Holiday: Christmas
Time of Day: Twilight
Anime: Death Note! *fan girls over L*
Video Game: Kingdom Hearts *fan girls over Axel... even if he is KH2*
Old School Game: Original Mario for the original Gameboy cool
Clonie: Icey!

More will be added as I think of it

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Tiger love to ROLE PLAY! Role play with me ;D

Ooh! Make me avi art too! heart


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The Life of a Tiger: Writings, Rants, and Random Ramblings (say that three times fast!)

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Hi! This is Tiger comin' at ya.... um.... I'm 18, a freshman at WCU, in NC. I'm short, have blond hair, glasses.... uh... I love comments, so COMMENT! D=&lt; Um... anything else'll be in my Journal ^_^ Buh-bye! (Now that I finally got around to upd



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I draw avatar art, PM me for more details and my art thread ~ heart

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Thought I'd drop a line. Hi

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Woah...Very nice avi

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Wow, that was deep o.o

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random comment back?

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If only?


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