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I'm 14 and I'm not much of a talker, when it comes to meeting new people. Though I do love making new friends. I love sport. But preferably just Basketball, Soccer and Football (Australian Football.) Though i can not stand watching any on T.V. It literally puts me to sleep, I think the only game i have watched was the Football Grand final for 2010 between St Kilda and Collingwood which had a re-match due to both drawing. But that was only so I could watch it with my poppy Jack and win the bet we both had.

I play basketball in an all girls team, though we verse boys. The teams name is Phoenix Storms. I love it. I love drawing, though im not that good at it. I don't watch a lot of Anime, though when i do, it's usually Naruto, Bleach or Final Fantasy, them being my favorites. I do read a lot of Manga, and have a few favorites, Gakuen Alice, Tegami Bachi and Special A being some of them. I do prefer it when people keep their 'Opinions' to them selves, but im always up for an argument, so long as no one gets hurt emotionally.

I have a love for Snakes and Dragons at the moment, I don't know why, but i just do. And no, i don't like Orochimaru... I like random adds, private messages or comments. So yea... Sorry I rambled. O_O