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II broken_dolly II Report | 07/02/2012 3:40 pm
II broken_dolly II
thanks for the purchase(:

The Tooth Fairy

Name: Malifica Carabosse

Alias: The Tooth Fairy, TiF, Tiffany Mclaine

Age: 205; appears to look 12 human years old

Height: 4’11” in human form; 7’0” in demon form (Total length 10’0”)

Race: Serpent Demon/Changeling

Physical Appearance:
• Short green hair, either in a bob or a messy do. Originally blonde, but constantly turns green due to her demon side.
• Grey eyes, over all lacking in color to show her true lack of positive emotion.
• Lacks a womanly chest.
• Pale skin, resembling a china doll, can be dangerously alluring.
• Black and green tinted wings, ‘shredded’ in appearance but very maneuverable. Usually hidden beneath her clothing and only seen when in use. Wing span of 6’0”.
• When she desires, she can show her true teeth instead of the human like teeth. This is a mildly painful transition, but she has endured it many times and it has become a norm for her. Razor sharp, with shark like appearance.When she transforms her teeth her natural ears come out too, which are slightly pointed like a fairy/changeling.
• Over all her appearance seems human except for the green hair, and her semi-transformation of wings and teeth.

Demon Form Appearance:
• Long green hair, usually covering her breasts.
• Topaz eyes with a snake like appearance.
• Medium sized chest.
• Pale skin with a green hue to it.
• Wings resemble a bat and have sharp points on the edges (although said points are useless) also tinted a green hue although a little deeper green then her skin. Wing span of 12’0”.
• From hips down is a serpent tail, with various spikes along it, and a sharp devil’s tail on the end which can be used as a weapon. Same green as the wings.
• Teeth, razor sharp with a shark like appearance.

• Wears mostly pastel or bright colored dresses.
• Tights or knee high socks.
• Flat shoes or ballet style.
• Always has some sort of bag with her, either a backpack or a small purse with a bow on it.
• Always has a lollipop with her which she is constantly sucking on, irony is that she is the ‘Tooth Fairy’.
Demon Form: Nude, but she lacks lower female lady parts due to her lower half being serpent like. Upper half is bare, though if you see her in her demon form you have more to worry about then her bare breasts.

• Assortment of Dentistry tools:
Tongue Depressor
Tongue Extractor
Tonsil Snare
Tonsil Hemostat
Periodontal Probe
Cheek Retractor
Tooth Key
Bulldog Clamp
Hand Cranked Drill
Tooth Vice
Tooth Extractor
Torturous Tongue Extractor
• Demon Form: Devil’s tail, can be used for slashing/stabbing. (Reference to Demon Form picture)

History & Abilities:

Other Characters:
Lela Ahmeto

Human Form

Demon Form

Wings(Human Form)

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