So... My name is Tien Natsume (I don't really like to be all that creative most of the time so I also made that my user name). I'm a japanese boy who's rather introverted since I don't like many people. Those I do like I'm very close to. I'm into martial arts and cooking; I also craft as a hobby. In Japan, I have 3 really good friends. In America, I met my absolute best friend and little sis (Issy Is Awesome) and two others that are more than family to me. (Gn And KeAndre Are Also Very Awesome). And lastly the reason the phoenix is my new symbol is not only because it is part of my family crest, but also a symbol of my friendship with my Issy. Uh... yup... so... That's pretty much all I'm going to tell. smile

Hi! This is dragonrebelfire, or Issy, and since there isn't much about my Phoenix here (in my opinion), I shall add a bit more. Ein loves to dress like a punk, loves rock music, and is going to be the best chef ever! He also studies business and loves videogames (even if KeAndre can beat him up in Tekken x3). He is a great friend and if you get close to him, he's an amazing person. After all, he is like my big bro; very protective with a hint of sweetness. (Ein, if you read this, I know you're probably smiling so don't pretend to be mad, lol). Be nice to my Phoenix, cause you'll never have another friend like him :3 Byes now!