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a spirit's melody


I am the purpose of illusion; I am the shadow in the night. I am the siren of the muses; I am the wrath of all delight. I stand among this hollow ground, firm and unsurpassed: a whisper in the void of sound, silent and looked past.


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Alas! Must it ever be so? Do we stand in our own light, wherever we go, and fight our own shadows forever? - Edward Robert Bulwer Lytton, Lucile

When the universe was born into a new form, the atma breathed into it were void and formless. Yet upon these immaterial frames is the integral hitsuzen written - perhaps the most important fact denied by all who live.

The Orator: a face of the rassvet, trapped within a realm beyond understanding. This part of my spirit has been here for an eternity, and it has seen lunhui in all its terrible brilliance. A relentless misery has cast a savali upon us all, and we cannot begin to understand where it came from. All we know is that we did little to assuage the Mictlan it has wrought. Instead, we may have caused a mesabet that has yet to heal.

I was born R'ive Bentani of the ronay. Few knew of me, as I often kept to myself. When I was a child, my world began to crumble around me. The destruction wrought upon Garternay is still immeasurable today, yet we survived. To say that I was whole after reaching the Age of Dni would be a grave mistake... I had lost the very atma that had given me life. Could that be why I became obsessed with tempting forces beyond my control?

No longer bound by the intuition that had guided me in years past, I sought an escape from this life. I knew that even death would not solve my dilemma. So, when I began studying under the disciples of the Art, I came upon a terrifying discovery: that which drives all to deeds both virtuous and vicious - the mana of life that has no adequate tangibility. I drew a paradise for myself, marred only by one idea: a shadow of corruption merged with my own anger following the death of my world. I was overtaken by the eclipse that consumed both me and this arcadia, of which I cannot claim entirely as my own.

Yet death was never an end here, and I escaped into another realm wherein the gods who shaped an Age fought a horrendous war upon learning of the Art and its ultimate abilities through me. Though ascended among them, I sought an escape, aided by those who blamed me for the war which had engulfed them. It was a miracle they didn't erase me from existence, yet they knew what had to be done. Everyone who writes in the Journal of Baik'Yahvo find themselves carrying an enormous responsibility upon which the destinies of thousands, perhaps millions, of Ages rely - and though one death may be inconsequential, they understood what I could accomplish: a first step on a journey I may never see an end to, though immortal I may be.

Now I wander the corridors of time and space, watched over by the other half of my heart known as the Orator. Whilst he observes and passes on the knowledge I have gained to those who visit him in Aevra, I am the spirit who seeks to undo R'ive's mistake and help others overcome the malignant phantoms that pervade each and every Age my people ever had the misfortune of encountering. For no matter how minute our two Ages were connected, a path would be indelibly etched into the fabric of the star fissure, and through this may the ascendants traverse these domains beyond the edges of existence.

about the author/roleplayer

Hello there! I'm James, your average (if not esoteric) college sophomore. I've been writing for nearly six years, and I've been 'freeform' roleplaying much longer than that. I worked on numerous short stories for friends over the years, and I hope to bring some of them to light here on Gaia.

The project I am currently working on is known as 'Journal of the Orator', a fiction series that delves into countless continuities. This writing project walks between the realm of fan fiction and original fiction, using elements of my favorite universes to construct an overarching plot that involves characters both old and new - familiar and unfamiliar. I'm hoping this fresh 'mash-up' of ideas will inspire others to write, and perhaps encourage roleplay within this continuity of diversity. While Wraith of the Oneiroi, a spin-off of JotO, can be found in my Gaia journal, you'll have to visit my fanfiction.net page for my other Journal of the Orator works.

I would like to point out that my stories might only be appreciated by those who enjoy stories similar to Inception, Butterfly Effect, Lost, or Assassin's Creed. Wraith of the Oneiroi will be highly philosophical, but much of it will also be character-driven and easier to follow.

My preferred genres are as follows: Military fiction, Spy fiction, Adventure, Comedy of manners, Satire, Vigilante fiction, Dark fantasy, Heroic fantasy, Epic war fiction, Science fantasy, Alternate history, Occult fiction, Thriller mystery, Paranoid fiction, Philosophical fiction, Dystopian fiction, Hard science fiction, Soft science fiction, Cyberpunk, Slipstream, Thriller. Expect my stories to take on at least one of these genres. I may make note of the genre on the title of each subsequent entry if necessary. Some of my ideas will be posted piecemeal on Gaia Journals, with backups posted elsewhere.

As for me personally: just send me a PM and I'll be happy to talk. I also won't turn down an offer for online roleplay (in one of the aforementioned genres), if nothing else!

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