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My name is Jessica but on Gaia everyone calls me Fairy. If you aren't sure why, it's because of my Gaia Name.......duh.......... biggrin . And my name is because I am obsessed with fairies. I even have a tattoo of one on my back. Yes....I have an infamous tramp stamp. I also love glitter and colorful items. I am married with three wonderful children. A son and two daughters. I have been on Gaia for about 7 years. I do have to say, I only get on for the friends I have made. I honestly can't stand how much items cost nowadays, so I just deal with what I have.

I do get gifts from very awesome people. So I don't suffer to much heart .

If you want to know anymore, feel free to pm me. I love talking about my children so if you want to trade mommy stories.....I'm all for it.

This is me....for those who wonder....even it you don't care. razz
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