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Yeah right, as if I was going to let you know more about me that easy.


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bleached mud Report | 08/16/2007 8:22 pm
soft_opossum Report | 04/05/2007 7:35 pm
Danke schaun~!
You like Ouran?
Feeling Witchy Report | 03/29/2007 5:39 pm
One night and one more time,
User Image

Yesh, be jealous of my rainbows... Be very jealouuus.

User Image

Thanks for the memories.
soft_opossum Report | 03/29/2007 5:02 pm
Nothing really. How 'bout your self?
The Amazing Abby Report | 03/25/2007 5:44 pm
I guess. O:
soft_opossum Report | 03/25/2007 2:53 pm
Indeed I do! How could I forget someone as cool as you?
xxdreakins Report | 03/08/2007 2:05 pm
<3 horror
SeanVaul Report | 02/23/2007 1:04 pm
yah, im still alive. razz how ya been?
Oh So Glam! Report | 02/18/2007 5:37 pm
Hey there hot stuff.

How goes it?
bleached mud Report | 02/17/2007 1:16 pm
I miss you.


Ok the next one to bug me for leaving and returning a 90% of the time is getting a Watermelon stuck up his or her panocha...

My nickname is Kryon, and that's what you should know so far. I am an indecent, cynical, mean b*****d who came up around here quite probably a thousand years before you, and who will not doubt to pwn your a** off if you try to play smartass.

Let me see... I am a Hispanic-European mixup and I am... I actually don't give a ******** about it. I wish I was green. Anyhoo that does not keep me from being hot.

I am a metalhead, and as such I do have long hair... Planning to have it even longer, and I assure you: You wish you had my hair.

I will be nice to you if you are smart enough to talk with me. I am a grammar nazi, and you should take that heavily as english is not my mothertongue. Specially if you are from the United States of America, Canada, England, Iraq, or Afghanistan (Coming soon: Iran)

The first one to call the U.S. of A. "America", is getting a watermelon too.

Anyhoo if you want to get along with me, I'll give you a few tips to start.

-Tony Kakko
-The Beatles
-A few books
-Interesting anime series
-Paranormal crap
-Rave/Electronic music

Topics you do not want to start with me in:

-Right Wing
-Green Day
-Non-Metal Stereotypes
-Hip Hop
-Daddy Yankee

I hope I had staten all what I had to state waterclear. Oh, one more thing. I am glad you took your time to read this, you can have a cookie now.



Br00tally annoying.



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