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Report | 07/28/2009 2:48 pm


Ahaha, nothing.
Just bored xD
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Report | 07/27/2009 8:32 pm


oh ehmm gee! 8D lyke.. hiiii! xD

... yeah, idunno xd

boredom razz
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Report | 04/25/2009 11:38 am


Kodi, Im SOOO getting you to do up my profile... it SUCKS MONKEY BALLS!!!
<3s Brain Twin razz
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Report | 01/01/2009 7:14 pm


It's not random.

And seriously, that was SOOO not a cool thing to write. xD
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Report | 01/01/2009 2:31 pm



Kodi, you really need to update your profile.

And PLEASE delete that utterly ridiculous thing about popular people not being able to fall in love. That's the most immature and childishly-striving-for-rebellion type comment I've ever heard. Jeevas.

Everybody can fall in love, so don't assume that you know what people are or are not capable of just because you lump them into a group and pretend you know them inside out.

I could rant for days about the ridiculousness of that comment, but I won't.

Not on here anyways.


And lulz, Courtney is a walking problem source and you know it.
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Report | 12/07/2008 12:38 pm


Grr...I hate your school now xD
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Report | 12/06/2008 11:27 am


Yes I bet it is fun! Over at my school, I can't join unless you've had art class for one year and you must be a sophmore, and I'm only a freshy x.x;
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Report | 12/05/2008 5:39 pm


You lucky person you, I wish I was in the art club /=
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Report | 12/04/2008 10:03 pm


No prob.

Urgh, I may not be on as much because I'm in play makers now since my mom wanted me to find some 'activity' to do in school since I do nothing all day -rolls eyes-
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Report | 11/21/2008 9:08 pm


xD wow, nice!
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Report | 11/20/2008 8:08 pm


Lol nice! I probably wont be on very much because I'm now officially grounded >.>'' Hehehe..I got bad grades @_@

Thankies x333
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Report | 11/12/2008 4:41 pm


Hahaha, nice..

There is a reason to why I don't date oO And thats one of the main reasons -shudders- To many cases of jealousy and fighting....Don't want to deal with that...

Hmm, well it's ok that you haven't been on it's alright ^^
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Report | 11/05/2008 9:04 pm


Lol it's ok xD

I was just wondering why you were gone everyone hasn't been posting...except for one...and thats it...very depressing D=

But glad to know your alive xD lol, thanks for answering ^^

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Report | 11/01/2008 6:48 pm


Hey, you -pokes you-


When are ya gonna come back to the Death Note rp D=

I'm wondering because it's kinda...like..DEAD oO'

So yesh, I was just wondering if school is just keeping you back or somethin of da sort please reply soon k?

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Report | 09/24/2008 9:42 pm


Awesome profile, it rocks. Just...too many stripes...in the background...Oh god, it's killing my eyes! x.x
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Report | 04/02/2008 7:57 am


O.0 ur Avi kinda remonds me of an old man >.> duno why... just does! (^-^)b

User Image i is a F-in DORK!
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Report | 02/19/2008 5:52 pm


Sentimental Piggy Romance!! >.< ^______^

... what? >.>

cant I be bored? xD
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Report | 09/30/2007 6:15 pm


Hello, it's me catgril what's up?...
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Report | 08/23/2007 9:58 am


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Report | 08/15/2007 11:45 am

Banira Nekoshiro

um..h-hello um..i um..accepted the um..trade....
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